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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2008Somatic pairing of chromosome 19 in renal oncocytoma is associated with deregulated ELGN2-mediated oxygen-sensing responseKoeman, J.M.; Russell, R.C.; Tan, M.-H. ; Petillo, D.; Westphal, M.; Koelzer, K.; Metcalf, J.L.; Zhang, Z.; Matsuda, D.; Dykema, K.J.; Houseman, H.L.; Kort, E.J.; Furge, L.L.; Kahnoski, R.J.; Richard, S.; Vieillefond, A.; Swiatek, P.J.; Teh, B.T. ; Ohh, M.; Furge, K.A.
2010Transient bilateral abducens neuropathy with post-tetanic facilitation and acute hypokalemia associated with oxaliplatin: A case reportTan M.-H.; Chay W.Y. ; Ng J.H.; Teh B.T. ; Chew L. 
Aug-2013Type II EATL (epitheliotropic intestinal T-cell lymphoma): A neoplasm of intra-epithelial T-cells with predominant CD8αα phenotypeTan, S.-Y. ; Chuang, S.-S.; Tang, T.; Tan, L.; Ko, Y.-H.; Chuah, K.-L.; Ng, S.-B. ; Chng, W.-J. ; Gatter, K.; Loong, F.; Liu, Y.-H.; Hosking, P.; Cheah, P.-L.; Teh, B.-T. ; Tay, K.; Koh, M.; Lim, S.-T. 
2014Upper tract urothelial carcinomas in patients with chronic kidney disease: Relationship with diagnostic challengeWang L.-J.; Lee S.-Y.; Teh B.T. ; Chuang C.-K.; Nortier J.
2015Whole-exome sequencing studies of parathyroid carcinomas reveal novel PRUNE2 mutations, distinctive mutational spectra related to APOBEC-catalyzed DNA mutagenesis and mutational enrichment in kinases associated with cell migration and invasionYu Shun Shing, Willie ; McPherson John Richard ; Stevenson Mark; Van Eijk Ronald; Heng Hong Lee; Newey Paul; Gan Anna; Ruano Dina; Huang Dachuan ; Poon Song Ling; Ong Choon Kiat; Van Wezel T; Cavaco B.; Rozen Steven George ; Tan Patrck; Teh Bin Tean ; Thakker Rajesh V., Morreau Hans