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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Sequence variants of human papillomavirus type 16 in clinical samples permit verification and extension of epidemiological studies and construction of a phylogenetic treeHo, L.; Chan, S.-Y. ; Chow, V.; Chong, T. ; Tay, S.-K.; Villa, L.L.; Bernard, H.-U. 
Oct-1993Sequence variants of human pappillomavirus virus type 16 from couples suggest sexual transmission with low infectivity and polyclonality in genital neoplasiaHo, L.; Tay, S.-K.; Chan, S.-Y.; Bernard, H.-U. 
1991Subclinical human papillomavirus infection of the male lower genital tract: Colposcopy, histology and DNA analysisChow, V.T.K.; Tay, S.K.; Tham, K.M. ; Lim-Tan, S.K.; Bernard, H.U. 
1999The chromatin structure of the long control region of human papillomavirus type 16 represses viral oncoprotein expressionStünkel, W.; Bernard, H.-U. 
1990The E6/E7 promoter of human papillomavirus type 16 is activated in the absence of E2 proteins by a sequence-aberrant Spl distal elementGloss, B. ; Bernard, H.-U. 
Nov-1991The enhancer of human papillomavirus type 16: Binding sites for the ubiquitous transcription factors oct-1, NFA, TEF-2, NF1, and AP-1 participate in epithelial cell-specific transcriptionChong, T. ; Apt, D. ; Gloss, B. ; Isa, M. ; Bernard, H.-U. 
Nov-1993The genetic drift of human papillomavirus type 16 is a means of reconstructing prehistoric viral spread and the movement of ancient human populationsHo, L.; Chan, S.-Y. ; Burk, R.D.; Das, B.C.; Fujinaga, K.; Icenogle, J.P.; Kahn, T.; Kiviat, N.; Lancaster, W.; Mavromara-Nazos, P.; Labropoulou, V.; Mitrani-Rosenbaum, S.; Norrild, B.; Pillai, M.R.; Stoerker, J.; Syrjaenen, K.; Syrjaenen, S.; Tay, S.-K.; Villa, L.L.; Wheeler, C.M.; Williamson, A.-L.; Bernard, H.-U. 
Oct-1994The human papillomavirus type 16 E2 transcription factor binds with low cooperativity to two flanking sites and represses the E6 promoter through displacement of Sp1 and TFIIDTan, S.-H. ; Leong, L.E.-C. ; Walker, P.A. ; Bernard, H.-U. 
1994The Mastomys natalensis papillomavirus: Nucleotide sequence, genome organization, and phylogenetic relationship of a rodent papillomavirus involved in tumorigenesis of cutaneous epitheliaTan, C.-H.; Tachezy, R.; Van Rants, M.; Chan, S.-Y. ; Bernard, H.-U. ; Burk, R.D.
Jan-1990Thermus aquaticus DNA polymerase-catalysed chain reaction for the detection of human papillomavirusesChow, V.T.K.; Tham, K.M. ; Bernard, H.U. 
25-Feb-1990Transcription of the transforming genes of the oncogenic human papillomavirus-16 is stimulated by tumor promotors through AP1 binding sitesChan, W.-K. ; Chong, T. ; Bernard, H.-U. ; Klock, G.
11-Feb-1990Transcriptional activation of human papillomavirus 16 by nuclear factor I, AP1, steroid receptors and a possibly novel transcription factor, PVF: A model for the composition of genital papillomavirus enhancersChong, T. ; Chan, W.-K. ; Bernard, H.-U. 
1994Transcriptional control and cell type specificity of HPV gene expressionBernard, H.-U. ; Apt, D. 
1995Variation of human papillomavirus type 6 (HPV-6) and HPV-11 genomes sampled throughout the worldHeinzel, P.A. ; Chan, S.-Y. ; Ho, L.; O'Connor, M. ; Balaram, P.; Campo, M.S.; Fujinaga, K.; Kiviat, N.; Kuypers, J.; Pfister, H.; Steinberg, B.M.; Tay, S.-K.; Villa, L.L.; Bernard, H.-U. 
Mar-1990Viruses and cancer, with particular focus on human papillomaviruses in neoplastic lesions of the cervix uteri.Chow, V.T.; Tham, K.M. ; Bernard, H.U. 
Oct-1996YY1 represses human papillomavirus type 16 transcription by quenching AP-1 activityO'Connor, M.J. ; Tan, S.-H. ; Tan, C.-H.; Bernard, H.-U.