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1999Many different papillomaviruses have low transcriptional activity in spite of strong epithelial specific enhancersSailaja, G.; Watts, R.M. ; Bernard, H.-U. 
1994Mechanism of translation of the bicistronic mRNA encoding human papillomavirus type 16 E6-E7 genesTan, T.M.C. ; Gloss, B. ; Bernard, H.-U. ; Ting, R.C.Y. 
Apr-1990Molecular diagnosis of genital HPV DNA types by polymerase chain reaction and sensitivity-standardized filter in situ hybridization in randomly sampled cohorts of Singapore womenChow, V.; Tham, K.M. ; Yeo-Gloss, M.; Lim-Tan, S.K.; Sng, I.; Thirumoorthy, T.; Bernard, H.-U. 
Apr-1992Molecular variants of human papillomavirus type 16 from four continents suggest ancient pandemic spread of the virus and its coevolution with humankindChan, S.-Y. ; Ho, L.; Ong, C.-K.; Chow, V.; Drescher, B.; Dürst, M.; Ter Meulen, J.; Villa, L.; Luande, J.; Mgaya, H.N.; Bernard, H.-U. 
1996Mutations and polymorphisms in the p53, p21 and p16 genes in oral carcinomas of Indian betel quid chewersHeinzel, P.A. ; Balaram, P.; Bernard, H.-U. 
18-Apr-1997NFI-B3, a novel transcriptional repressor of the nuclear factor I family, is generated by alternative RNA processingLiu, Y. ; Bernard, H.-U. ; Apt, D. 
2001No association between human herpesvirus 8 and arsenical skin cancersTan, K.-C.; Goh, C.-L. ; Chan, S.-Y. ; Bernard, H.-U. 
Aug-1993Nuclear factor I and epithelial cell-specific transcription of human papillomavirus type 16Apt, D. ; Chong, T. ; Liu, Y. ; Bernard, H.-U. 
May-1998Nuclear matrix attachment regions of human papillomavirus type 16 point toward conservation of these genomic elements in all genital papillomavirusesTan, S.-H. ; Bartsch, D.; Schwarz, E.; Bernard, H.-U. 
2000Nuclear matrix attachment regions of human papillomavirus type 16 repress or activate the E6 promoter, depending on the physical state of the viral DNAStünkel, W.; Huang, Z.; Tan, S.-H. ; O'Connor, M.J. ; Bernard, H.-U. 
Jul-1989Nucleic acid hybridization and the polymerase chain reaction in biology and medicine, with special reference to the detection of human papillomaviruses.Chow, V.T.; Tham, K.M. ; Bernard, H.U. 
1989Numerous nuclear proteins bind the long control region of human papillomavirus type 16: A subset of 6 of 23 DNase I-protected segments coincides with the location of the cell-type-specific enhancerGloss, B. ; Chong, T. ; Bernard, H.-U. 
1995Oct-1 activates the epithelial-specific enhancer of human papillomavirus type 16 via a synergistic interaction with NFI at a conserved composite regulatory elementO'Connor, M. ; Bernard, H.-U. 
1-Nov-2002Past, present, and future of HPV research: Highlights from the 19th International Papillomavirus Conference-HPV2001Villa, L.L.; Bernard, H.-U. ; Kast, M.; Hildesheim, A.; Amestoy, G.; Franco, E.L.
Oct-1992Phylogenetic analysis of 48 papillomavirus types and 28 subtypes and variants: A showcase for the molecular evolution of DNA virusesChan, S.-Y. ; Bernard, H.-U. ; Ong, C.-K. ; Chan, S.-P. ; Hofmann, B.; Delius, H.
22-Dec-1997Phylogenetic analysis of the human papillomavirus type 2 (HPV-2), HPV- 27, and HPV-57 group, which is associated with common wartsChan, S.-Y. ; Chew, S.-H.; Egawa, K.; Grußendorf-Conen, E.-I.; Honda, Y.; Rübben, A.; Tan, K.-C.; Bernard, H.-U. 
1989Progesterone and glucocorticoid response elements occur in the long control regions of several human papillomaviruses involved in anogenital neoplasiaChan, W.-K. ; Klock, G.; Bernard, H.-U. 
1991Sequence variants of human papillomavirus type 16 in clinical samples permit verification and extension of epidemiological studies and construction of a phylogenetic treeHo, L.; Chan, S.-Y. ; Chow, V.; Chong, T. ; Tay, S.-K.; Villa, L.L.; Bernard, H.-U. 
Oct-1993Sequence variants of human pappillomavirus virus type 16 from couples suggest sexual transmission with low infectivity and polyclonality in genital neoplasiaHo, L.; Tay, S.-K.; Chan, S.-Y.; Bernard, H.-U. 
1991Subclinical human papillomavirus infection of the male lower genital tract: Colposcopy, histology and DNA analysisChow, V.T.K.; Tay, S.K.; Tham, K.M. ; Lim-Tan, S.K.; Bernard, H.U.