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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2011Thalamic strokePaliwal, P.R.; Sharma, V.K. 
Oct-2011The clinico-radiological spectrum of isolated cortical vein thrombosisRathakrishnan, R. ; Sharma, V.K. ; Luen, T.H. ; Chan, B.P.L.
2016The Montreal cognitive assessment is superior to national institute of neurological disease and stroke-Canadian stroke network 5-minute protocol in predicting vascular cognitive impairment at 1yearDong Y.H.; Xu J.; Chan B.P.-L.; Seet R.C.S.; Venketasubramanian N.; Teoh H.L.; Sharma V.K. ; Chen C.L.-H. 
15-Jan-2011Thrombolysis in ischemic stroke patients with prior subtherapeutic warfarin useTai, M.-L.S.; Sharma, V.K. 
Apr-2013Transcranial doppler: Technique and common findings (Part 1)Bathala, L.; Mehndiratta, M.; Sharma, V. 
2016Transcranial Doppler: Techniques and advanced applications: Part 2Sharma A.K.; Bathala L.; Batra A.; Mehndiratta M.M.; Sharma V.K. 
Jan-2010Transient ischemic attack associated with stenosis of accessory middle cerebral arterySharma, V.K. 
Sep-2008Ultrasound assisted thrombolysis in acute ischaemic stroke: Preliminary experience in SingaporeSharma, V.K. ; Rathakrishnan, R. ; Ong, B.K.C. ; Chan, B.P.L.
Oct-2012Usefulness of CT angiography for therapeutic decision making in thrombolyzing intubated patients with suspected basilar artery thrombosisNg, K.W. ; Venketasubramanian, N. ; Yeo, L.L. ; Ahmad, A.; Loh, P.K.; Seet, R.C.; Teoh, H.L. ; Chan, B.P.; Sharma, V.K. 
2015Usefulness of Transcranial Doppler-Derived Cerebral Hemodynamic Parameters in the Noninvasive Assessment of Intracranial PressureWakerley Benjamin R.; Kusuma Yohanna; Yeo Leong Litt Leonard ; Liang Shen ; Komal Kumar; Arvind K. Sharma; Vijay Kumar Sharma 
May-2008Validation of transcranial doppler with CT angiography in cerebral ischaemia: A preliminary pilot study in SingaporeRathakrishnan, R. ; Berne, Y.I.; Quek, K.K.; Hong, C.S.; Ong, B.K.C. ; Chan, B.P.L.; Sharma, V.K. 
Apr-2011Validation of Transcranial Doppler with Magnetic Resonance Angiography in Acute Cerebral IschemiaBoddu, D.B.; Sharma, V.K. ; Bandaru, V.C.S.S.; Jyotsna, Y.; Padmaja, D.; Suvarna, A.; Kaul, S.
Apr-2011Validity of HAT score for predicting symptomatic intracranial hemorrhage in acute stroke patients with proximal occlusions: Data from randomized trials of sonothrombolysisTsivgoulis, G.; Saqqur, M.; Barreto, A.; Demchuk, A.M.; Ribo, M.; Rubiera, M.; Sharma, V.K. ; Stamboulis, E.; Schellinger, P.D.; Molina, C.A.; Alexandrov, A.V.
Dec-2010Valsalva maneuver in detection of right-to-left shunt by transcranial DopplerPaliwal, P.R.; Sharma, V.K. 
Jul-2013Vascular contribution to hyperglycaemia-induced hemichoreaAhmad, A.; Paliwal, P.; Wakerley, B.R.; Teoh, H.L. ; Sharma, V.K. 
Dec-2011Velocity criteria for intracranial stenosis revisited: An international multicenter study of transcranial Doppler and digital subtraction angiographyZhao, L.; Barlinn, K.; Sharma, V.K. ; Tsivgoulis, G.; Cava, L.F.; Vasdekis, S.N.; Teoh, H.L. ; Triantafyllou, N.; Chan, B.P.L.; Sharma, A.; Voumvourakis, K.; Stamboulis, E.; Saqqur, M.; Harrigan, M.R.; Albright, K.C.; Alexandrov, A.V.
8-Jul-2020Worse prognosis in women, compared with men, after thrombolysis: An individual patient data pooling study of Asian acute stroke registriesWang, Xia; Carcel, Cheryl; Wang, Ruigang; Li, Jingwei; Bae, Hee-Joon; Wang, Yilong; Wang, Anxin; Wang, Yongjun; Toyoda, Kazunori; Sui, Yi; Lee, Tsong-Hai; Navarro, Jose C; Sun, Mu-Chien; Anderson, Craig S; Sharma, Vijay ; Sandset, Else C; Woodward, Mark