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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Patient satisfaction with physician care.Soh, G. 
Dec-1992Periodontal status of institutionalized elderly in Singapore.Ong, G. ; Soh, G. ; Chong, Y.H. 
1992Phases of dental fear for four treatment procedures among military personnelSoh, G. ; Yu, P.
May-1991Porosities in five automixed addition silicone elastomers.Chong, Y.H. ; Soh, G. ; Lim, K.C.; Teo, C.S. 
1992Quantification of noble alloy used in 'porcelain-fused-to-metal' restorations.Soh, G. 
1992Racial differences in perception of oral health and oral health behaviours in Singapore.Soh, G. 
Mar-1993Radiation dosage of a dental imaging system.Soh, G. ; Loh, F.C. ; Chong, Y.H. 
1992Ranking of facial profiles among Asians.Lew, K.K. ; Soh, G. ; Loh, E.
1990Relationship between critical convergence angle and surface defects in stone casts.Soh, G. ; Chong, Y.H. 
1991Relationship of viscosity to porosities in automixed elastomeric impressionsSoh, G. ; Chong, Y.H. 
Mar-1991Significance of hydrogen ion concentration on the dissolution of mercury from dental amalgam.Soh, G. ; Chew, C.L. ; Lee, A.S.; Yeoh, T.S.
1989Survey on the need and expectations of a fee schedule among members of the Singapore Dental Association.Karunakaran, A.; Soh, G. 
Sep-1989The development of a composite restorative system.Henderson, L.J. ; Soh, G. ; Chantler, P.
Jul-1994The effect of smear layer removal on marginal contraction gaps.Soh, G. ; Sidhu, S.K. 
Dec-1989The effect on marginal leakage when using two dentine adhesives in combination.Henderson, L.J. ; Soh, G. 
1989The prevalence of unilateral mastication in a non-patient population: a pilot study.Tay, D.K. ; Soh, G. ; Tan, L.S.; Tan, K.L.
1990The relationship between contact angles of die stone on elastomeric impression materials and voids in stone castsChong, Y.H. ; Soh, G. ; Setchell, D.J.; Wickens, J.L.
Mar-1991Thermal effect on the dissolution of mercury from two dental amalgams.Soh, G. ; Chew, C.L. ; Lee, A.S.; Yeoh, T.S.
1991Understanding prevention of dental caries and gum disease in an Asian community.Soh, G. 
1992Understanding prevention of dental caries and gum disease in the singapore population.Soh, G.