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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1990Contraction patterns in cavities tested with two dentin bonding agents.Soh, G. ; Henderson, L.J. 
Nov-1991Defects in automixed addition silicone elastomers prepared by putty-wash impression technique.Soh, G. ; Chong, Y.H. 
1991Dental care of institutionalized elderly in SingaporeSoh, G. 
1991Dental health of disabled children in Singapore.Vignehsa, H. ; Soh, G. ; Lo, G.L. ; Chellappah, N.K. 
Jun-1992Dental prosthetic status and needs of an elderly population living in long-term care facilities in SingaporeSoh, G. ; Chong, Y.-H.; Ong, G.
1991Dental service utilization of disabled children.Lo, G.L. ; Soh, G. ; Vignehsa, H. ; Chellappah, N.K. 
1990Determination of an optimal magnification for examining voids in elastomeric impressions.Soh, G. ; Chong, Y.H. 
1992Disparity between medical and dental care of institutionalised elderly in Singapore.Soh, G. 
Nov-1991Effect of dentin age on effectiveness of dentin bonding agents.Sidhu, S.K. ; Soh, G. ; Henderson, L.J. 
Jun-1991Effect of interchanging automatic mixing tips on void formation for an automixed addition silicone impression.Chong, Y.H. ; Soh, G. ; Lim, K.C.
Jan-1990Effect of interchanging two composite resin system with a dentine adhesive.Henderson, L.J. ; Soh, G. 
Nov-1993Effect of loading and syringing on void formation in automixed addition silicone elastomers.Chong, Y.H. ; Soh, G. ; Lim, K.C.
Feb-1992Effect of operator variability on void formation in impressions made with an automixed addition silicone.Lim, K.C.; Chong, Y.H. ; Soh, G. 
1990Effect of thermal stress on dentin adhesives used individually and in combinationSoh, G. ; Henderson, L.J. 
Nov-1991Effectiveness of intraoral delivery tips in reducing voids in elastomeric impressions.Chong, Y.H. ; Soh, G. 
1992Effects of explanation of treatment procedures on dental fear.Soh, G. 
1993Evaluation of alternative techniques on alloy loss in fabricating metal substructuresSoh, G. 
1989Gluma dentin adhesive: Effectiveness and shelf lifeHenderson, L.J.; Chantler, P.; Soh, G. 
1988Glutaraldehyde-methacrylate dentine adhesive: the relationship between cavity site and marginal contraction gaps.Soh, G. ; Henderson, L.J. ; Chantler, P.
1990Institutional advertising: boon or bane?Soh, G.