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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1991Effectiveness of intraoral delivery tips in reducing voids in elastomeric impressions.Chong, Y.H. ; Soh, G. 
1992Effects of explanation of treatment procedures on dental fear.Soh, G. 
1993Evaluation of alternative techniques on alloy loss in fabricating metal substructuresSoh, G. 
1989Gluma dentin adhesive: Effectiveness and shelf lifeHenderson, L.J.; Chantler, P.; Soh, G. 
1988Glutaraldehyde-methacrylate dentine adhesive: the relationship between cavity site and marginal contraction gaps.Soh, G. ; Henderson, L.J. ; Chantler, P.
1990Institutional advertising: boon or bane?Soh, G. 
May-1991Long-term dissolution of mercury from a non-mercury-releasing amalgam.Chew, C.L. ; Soh, G. ; Lee, A.S.; Yeoh, T.S.
1991Loss of alloy in cast restorations fabricated by dental students.Soh, G. 
1991Loss of alloy in the fabrication of metal ceramic crowns.Soh, G. 
1992Medical care for institutionalised elderly people in SingaporeSoh, G. 
1991Patient satisfaction with physician care.Soh, G. 
Dec-1992Periodontal status of institutionalized elderly in Singapore.Ong, G. ; Soh, G. ; Chong, Y.H. 
1992Phases of dental fear for four treatment procedures among military personnelSoh, G. ; Yu, P.
May-1991Porosities in five automixed addition silicone elastomers.Chong, Y.H. ; Soh, G. ; Lim, K.C.; Teo, C.S. 
1992Quantification of noble alloy used in 'porcelain-fused-to-metal' restorations.Soh, G. 
1992Racial differences in perception of oral health and oral health behaviours in Singapore.Soh, G. 
Mar-1993Radiation dosage of a dental imaging system.Soh, G. ; Loh, F.C. ; Chong, Y.H. 
1992Ranking of facial profiles among Asians.Lew, K.K. ; Soh, G. ; Loh, E.
1990Relationship between critical convergence angle and surface defects in stone casts.Soh, G. ; Chong, Y.H. 
1991Relationship of viscosity to porosities in automixed elastomeric impressionsSoh, G. ; Chong, Y.H.