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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Extracellular electron transfer powers Enterococcus faecalis biofilm metabolismKeogh D.; Lam L.N.; Doyle L.E.; Matysik A.; Pavagadhi S. ; Umashankar S. ; Low P.M.; Dale J.L.; Song Y.; Ng S.P.; Boothroyd C.B.; Dunny G.M.; Swarup S. ; Williams R.B.H. ; Marsili E.; Kline K.A.
2016Flagellin FliC phosphorylation affects type 2 protease secretion and biofilm dispersal in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1Suriyanarayanan T.; Periasamy S.; Lin M.-H.; Ishihama Y.; Swarup S. 
Mar-2005Gene duplication of coagulation factor V and origin of venom prothrombin activator in Pseudonaja textilis snakeLe, T.N.M.; Reza, M.A.; Swarup, S. ; Kini, R.M. 
May-2006Gene structures of Trocarin D and coagulation factor X, two functionally diverse prothrombin activators from Australian rough scaled snakeReza, M.A.; Swarup, S. ; Kini, R.M. 
2015Global regulator MorA affects virulence-associated protease secretion in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1Ravichandran, Ayshwarya ; Ramachandran, Malarmathy; Suriyanarayanan, Tanujaa ; Wong, Chui Ching ; Swarup, Sanjay 
20-Jan-2012Glycine decarboxylase activity drives non-small cell lung cancer tumor-initiating cells and tumorigenesisZhang, W.C.; Ng, S.-C.; Yang, H.; Rai, A.; Umashankar, S.; Ma, S.; Soh, B.S.; Sun, L.L.; Tai, B.C. ; Nga, M.E.; Bhakoo, K.K.; Jayapal, S.R.; Nichane, M.; Yu, Q.; Ahmed, D.A.; Tan, C.; Sing, W.P.; Tam, J.; Thirugananam, A.; Noghabi, M.S.; Pang, Y.H.; Ang, H.S.; Robson, P.; Kaldis, P.; Soo, R.A. ; Swarup, S. ; Lim, E.H.; Lim, B.
2001High-frequency direct shoot regeneration and continuous production of rapid-cycling Brassica oleracea in vitroCheng, P.-K.; Lakshmanan, P. ; Swarup, S. 
1997Histological and protein changes during early stages of seed germination in the orchid, Dendrobium crumenatumVellupillai, M.; Swarup, S. ; Goh, C.J. 
15-Sep-2007Inhibition of bacterial cell division protein FtsZ by cinnamaldehydeDomadia, P.; Swarup, S. ; Bhunia, A.; Sivaraman, J. ; Dasgupta, D.
2018Keystone species in pregnancy gingivitis: A snapshot of oral microbiome during pregnancy and postpartum periodBalan P.; Chong Y.S. ; Umashankar S. ; Swarup S. ; Loke W.M. ; Lopez V. ; He H.G. ; Seneviratne C.J. 
Dec-2005Metabolomics and its role in understanding cellular responses in plantsBhalla, R.; Narasimhan, K.; Swarup, S. 
May-2020Metabolomics for evaluating flavor-associated metabolites in plant-based productsPavagadhi, S. ; Swarup, S. 
2018Metagenomics reveals the influence of land use and rain on the benthic microbial communities in a tropical urban waterwaySaxena, G ; Mitra, S; Marzinelli, E.M; Xie, C; Wei, T.J; Steinberg, P.D; Williams, R.B.H ; Kjelleberg, S; Lauro, F.M; Swarup, S 
11-Aug-2010Metdat: A modular and workflow-based free online pipeline for mass spectrometry data processing, analysis and interpretationBiswas, A. ; Mynampati, K.C. ; Umashankar, S.; Reuben, S. ; Parab, G.; Rao, R. ; Kannan, V.S.; Swarup, S. 
2014Microbial and metabolic profiling reveal strong influence of water table and land-use patterns on classification of degraded tropical peatlandsMishra S. ; Lee W.A.; Hooijer A.; Reuben S.; Sudiana I.M.; Idris A.; Swarup S. 
Sep-2002Molecular characterization of an operon, cueAR, encoding a putative P1-type ATPase and a MerR-type regulatory protein involved in copper homeostasis in Pseudomonas putidaAdaikkalam, V.; Swarup, S. 
Jun-2006Molecular evolution caught in action: Gene duplication and evolution of molecular isoforms of prothrombin activators in Pseudonaja textilis (brown snake)Reza, M.A.; Le, T.N.M.; Swarup, S. ; Kini, R.M. 
Nov-2004MorA defines a new class of regulators affecting flagellar development and biofilm formation in diverse Pseudomonas speciesChoy, W.-K.; Zhou, L.; Syn, C.K.-C.; Zhang, L.-H. ; Swarup, S. 
2013Plant metabolomics: From experimental design to knowledge extractionRai, A.; Umashankar, S.; Swarup, S. 
Dec-2010Quorum sensing modulation of a putative glycosyltransferase gene cluster essential for Xanthomonas campestris biofilm formationTao, F.; Swarup, S. ; Zhang, L.-H.