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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Sep-2018Designing a Century Ahead: Climate change adaptation in the Dutch DeltaPieter Bloemen; Martijn van der Steen; Zeger Van der Wal 
15-Apr-2019Developing administrative capacity: an agenda for research and practiceOla G. El-Taliawi; Zeger Van der Wal 
2015From Galaxies to Universe: A Cross-Disciplinary Review and Analysis of Public Values Publications From 1969 to 2012Van Der Wal, Zeger ; Nabatchi, Tina; De Graaf, Gjalt
Jun-2013Government or business? Identifying determinants of MPA and MBA students' career preferencesVan Der Wal, Z. ; Oosterbaan, A.
Sep-2013Mandarins versus machiavellians? On differences between work motivations of administrative and political elitesVan Der Wal, Z. 
29-Apr-2020More Ethical, More Innovative? The Effects of Ethical Culture and Ethical Leadership on Realized InnovationZeger Van der Wal ; Mehmet A. Demircioglu 
2015Overlapping Values, Mutual Prejudices: Empirical Research into the Ethos of Police Officers and Private Security GuardsVan Steden, Ronald; Van Der Wal, Zeger ; Lasthuizen, Karin
18-Jun-2020Public Sector Innovation in the Asia Pacific - Trends, Challenges, and OpportunitiesZeger Van der Wal ; Mehmet A. Demircioglu 
13-Apr-2016Small Countries, Big Performers: In search of Shared Strategic Public Sector HRM Practices in Successful Small CountriesZeger Van Der Wal 
21-Mar-2017Without Blinders: Public Values Scholarship in Political Science, Economics, and Law—Content and Contribution to Public AdministrationGjalt De Graaf; Zeger Van der Wal