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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988History of blood transfusion, tattooing, acupuncture and risk of hepatitis B surface antigenaemia among Chinese men in SingaporePhoon, W.-O.; Fong, N.-P. ; Lee, J.
1991Knowledge and concerns of newly diagnosed NIDDM patients in SingaporeKoh, K.T.C. ; Goh, L.G. ; Lam, S.L.; Fong, N.P. ; Quah, Q.K.; Meenakshi, S.; Chan, Y.C. ; Atputharajah, Y.
Nov-2012Socio-demographic and clinical profile of admissions to community hospitals in Singapore from 1996 to 2005: A descriptive studyKoh, G.C.H. ; Wee, L.E.; Rizvi, N.A.; Chen, C.; Cheong, A.; Fong, N.P. ; Chan, K.M.; Tan, B.Y.; Menon, E.; Ee, C.H.; Lee, K.K.; Petrella, R.; Thind, A.; Koh, D. ; Chia, K.S. 
Jul-2013Trends in length of stay, functional outcomes, and discharge destination stratified by disease type for inpatient rehabilitation in Singapore community hospitals from 1996 to 2005Chen, C.; Koh, G.C.-H. ; Naidoo, N. ; Cheong, A.; Fong, N.P. ; Tan, Y.V.; Chan, K.M.; Tan, B.Y.; Menon, E.; Ee, C.H.; Lee, K.K.; Ng, Y.S.; Koh, D. ; Chia, K.S. ; Teo, Y.Y. 
20-Sep-2017Using peer review to distribute group work marks equitably between medical studentsCook, Alex R; Mikael Hartman ; Luo Nan ; Judy Sng Gek Khim ; Fong Ngan Phoon ; Lim Wei Yen ; Chen I-Cheng Mark ; Wong Mee Lian ; Natarajan Rajaraman ; Lee Jen-Mai, Jeannette ; Koh Choon Huat, Gerald