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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A correlation-based computational model for synthesizing long-range dependent dataLi, M. ; Chi, C.-H. 
2002A matching-based algorithm for page access sequencing in join processingLim, A. ; Chong, O.W. ; Chi-Hung, C. 
2004A method to obtain signatures from honeypots dataChi, C.-H. ; Li, M.; Liu, D. 
2005A more precise model for web retrievalYuan, J. ; Chi, H. ; Sun, Q.
2003Abstract analysis of detection probability for statistically detecting DDoS attacksLi, M. ; Chi, C.-H. 
2004Accelerating web page retrieval through object usage declarationChi, C.-H. ; Li, X.; Wang, H.
2002Agent warehouse: A new paradigm for mobile agent deploymentChi, C.-H. ; Sim, J.; Lam, K.-Y.
2004Application networking - An architecture for pervasive content deliverySu, M.; Chi, C.-H. 
2005Application networking on peer-to-peer networksSu, M.; Chi, C.-H. 
2005Application of content computing in honeyfarmHuang, Y.-Y.; Lam, K.-Y.; Chung, S.-L.; Chi, C.-H. ; Sun, J.-G.
2005Architecture and performance of application networking in pervasive content deliverySu, M.; Chi, C.-H. 
2001Automatic proxy-based watermarking for WWWChi, C.-H. ; Lin, Y. ; Deng, J. ; Li, X.; Chua, T.-S. 
2000Bandwidth sensitive content transformation in pervasive computingHung, Chi Chi ; Hong, Lim Yan
2000Beyond the traditional query operatorsDing, Chen ; Chi, Chi-Hung 
1999Centralized content-based Web filtering and blocking: how far can it go?Ding, Chen ; Chi, Chi-Hung ; Deng, Jing ; Dong, Chun-Lei 
1999Citation retrieval in digital librariesDing, Chen ; Chi, Chi-Hung ; Deng, Jing ; Dong, Chun-Lei 
2002Context query in information retrievalChi, C.-H. ; Ding, C. ; Lam, K.-Y.
1999Cyclic dependence based data reference predictionChi, Chi-Hung ; Cheung, Chin-Ming; Yuan, Jun-Li 
2004Data integrity framework and language support for active web intermediariesChi, C.-H. ; Yu, X.-Y.; Zhang, W.; Ding, C.; Wong, W.-F.
2004Data mining service based on mdaChen, Y.; Chi, C.-H. ; Yin, J.