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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Evaluation of data streaming effect on real-time content transformation in active proxiesChi, C.-H. ; Li, X.; Wang, H.
2005Exploiting fine grained parallelism for acceleration of Web retrievalYuan, J. ; Chi, C.-H. ; Sun, Q.
2004Fractional gaussian noise: A tool of characterizing traffic for detection purposeLi, M. ; Chi, H. ; Long, D.
1998Hardware-driven prefetching for pointer data referencesChi, Chi-Hung ; Cheung, Chin-Ming
1999Load-balancing branch target cache and prefetch bufferChi, Chi-Hung ; Yuan, Jun-Li 
2001Load-balancing data prefetching techniquesChi, C.-H. ; Yuan, J.-L. 
2000Local web advertisement through dynamic active proxyDeng, J. ; Chi, C.-H. 
2003Modeling autocorrelation functions of self-similar teletraffic in communication networks based on optimal approximation in Hilbert spaceLi, M. ; Zhao, W.; Jia, W.; Long, D.; Chi, C.-H. 
2006modes of real-time content transformation for web intermediaries in active networkLi, X.; Li, J.; Xie, H.; Chi, H. 
2004Normalizing traffic pattern with anonymity for mission critical applicationsLiu, D. ; Chi, C.-H. ; Li, M. 
1997Prefetching by self-contained variables - a generalization from array to recursive data structuresChan, Wai-wai; Chi, Chi-hung 
2002Progressive proxy-based multimedia transcoding system with maximum data reuseChi, C.-H. ; Cao, Y.
2004Real-Time emulation of intrusion victim in honeyfarmHe, X.-Y.; Lam, K.-Y.; Chung, S.-L. ; Chi, H. ; Sun, J.-G.
2003Secure route structures for the fast dispatch of large-scale mobile agentsWang, Y.; Chi, C.-H. ; Li, T.
1999Selective Java applet filtering on internetDing, Chen ; Deng, Jing ; Chi, Chi-Hung ; Dong, Chun-Lei 
2002Study for fusion of different sources to determine relevanceChi, C.-H. ; Ding, C. ; Lam, K.-Y.
1998Study on multi-lingual LZ77 and LZ78 text compressionChi, Chi-Hung 
2004Survey on the technological aspects of digital rights managementKu, W. ; Chi, H. 
2000Towards an adaptive and task-specific ranking mechanism in web searchingDing, Chen ; Chi, Chi-Hung 
2004Unveiling the performance impact of lossless compression to web page content deliveryYuan, J.-L. ; Chi, C.-H.