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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Measurements of DT/μ of Na+ ions in argon and neonHogan, M.J. ; Ong, P.P. 
1986Monte Carlo simulation of sound propagation through leafy foliage using experimentally obtained leaf resonance parametersTang, S.H. ; Ong, P.P. ; Woon, H.S.
22-Jan-1997Monte Carlo simulation studies of diffusion coefficients and mobilities for Rb+-N2 with anisotropic model potential and comparison with experimental measurementsLi, M.M.; Ong, P.P. 
1-Nov-1996Monte Carlo simulation studies on the validity of the Gram-Charlier calculations of velocity distributions of Na+ swarm in neon gasOng, P.P. ; Li, M.-M.
May-1999Note on electron impact excitation for transition 2s2 1S0-2s2p 3P1 of Be-like isoelectronic sequenceGuo-Xin, C. ; Ong, P.P. 
1995Oxides as thermionic sources of Mg+, Ca+, Sr +, and Ba+ ionsTan, T.L. ; Zhou, Z.L.; Ong, P.P. 
7-Sep-1999Photoluminescence of coumarin 540 dye confined in mesoporous silicaGu, G. ; Ong, P.P. ; Li, Q.
7-May-2001Preparation and photoluminescence of thin films of Ge nanoparticles embedded in Al2O3 matricesZhu, Y. ; Ong, P.P. 
1-Feb-2001Preparation and thermal stability of silicon nanoparticlesZhu, Y. ; Wang, H. ; Ong, P.P. 
1992Reexamination of the Li+-He interaction potentialOng, P.P. ; Hogan, M.J. ; Tan, T.L. 
1998Relativistic calculations for Fe XXIII: Atomic structureGuo-xin, C. ; Ong, P.P. 
1998Relativistic calculations for Fe XXIII: Electron-impact excitationChen, G.-X. ; Ong, P.P. 
14-Mar-1999Relativistic distorted-wave excitation cross sections of F-like selenium by electron collisionGuo-Xin, C. ; Ong, P.P. 
28-Nov-1999RHF-DFT approach for electron affinities of neutral atoms in groups 13 and 14Guo-Xin, C. ; Ong, P.P. 
1-Dec-2002Room temperature visible photoluminescence from undoped ZnS nanoparticles embedded in SiO2 matricesZhu, Y. ; Yuan, C.L. ; Ong, P.P. 
Dec-2000Rotary target method to prepare thin films of CdS/SiO2 by pulsed laser depositionWang, H. ; Zhu, Y. ; Ong, P.P. 
Dec-1999Rovibrational Analysis of ν2 and 2ν5 Bands of DCOOH by High Resolution FTIR SpectroscopyTan, T.L.; Goh, K.L.; Ong, P.P. ; Teo, H.H.
Nov-1999Rovibrational Constants for the ν6 and 2ν9 Bands of HCOOD by Fourier Transform Infrared SpectroscopyTan, T.L.; Goh, K.L.; Ong, P.P. ; Teo, H.H.
7-Nov-2000Sandwich-structured thin film of silicon nanoparticles embedded in Al2O3 matricesZhu, Y. ; Wang, H. ; Ong, P.P.