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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-2007The nonstructural protein 8 (nsp8) of the SARS coronavirus interacts with its ORF6 accessory proteinKumar, P.; Gunalan, V.; Liu, B. ; Chow, V.T.K. ; Druce, J.; Birch, C.; Catton, M.; Fielding, B.C.; Tan, Y.-J. ; Lal, S.K.
Mar-2013The p7 protein of the hepatitis C virus induces cell death differently from the influenza A virus viroporin M2Aweya, Jude Juventus; Mak, Tze Minn; Lim, Seng Gee ; Tan, Yee-Joo 
2005The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)-coronavirus 3a protein may function as a modulator of the trafficking properties of the spike proteinTan Y.-J. 
15-Aug-2012The variable N-terminal region of DDX5 contains structural elements and auto-inhibits its interaction with NS5B of hepatitis C virusDutta, Sujit; Gupta, Garvita; Choi, Yook-Wah; Kotaka, Masayo; Fielding, Burtram C.; Song, Jianxing ; Tan, Yee-Joo 
2018The vestigial esterase domain of haemagglutinin of H5N1 avian influenza A virus: Antigenicity and contribution to viral pathogenesisZheng Z. ; Paul S.S.; Mo X. ; Yuan Y.-R.A. ; Tan Y.-J. 
5-Sep-2012Understanding the T cell immune response in SARS coronavirus infectionOh, Hsueh-Ling Janice; Gan, Samuel Ken-En; Bertoletti, Antonio ; Tan, Yee-Joo 
17-Jul-2012VAPC, an human endogenous inhibitor for hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, is intrinsically unstructured but forms a "fuzzy complex" with HCV NS5BGoyal, S.; Gupta, G.; Qin, H. ; Upadya, M.H.; Tan, Y.J. ; Chow, V.T.K.; Song, J. 
23-Jun-2015Viral Membrane Channels: Role and Function in the Virus Life CycleSze, Ching Wooen ; Tan, Yee-Joo