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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011On cooperative settlement between content, transit, and eyeball internet service providersMa, R.T.B. ; Chiu, D.M.; Lui, J.C.S.; Misra, V.; Rubenstein, D.
2012On incentivizing caching for P2P-VoD systemsWu, W.; Ma, R.T.B. ; Lui, J.C.S.
5-Aug-2013On incentivizing upload capacity in P2P-VoD systems: Design, analysis and evaluationWu, W.; Lui, J.C.S.; Ma, R.T.B. 
1-Dec-2018On Optimal Service Differentiation in Congested Network MarketsZou, Mao; Ma Tianbai ; WANG XIN ; Xu, Yinlong
1-Aug-2019On SDN-Enabled Online and Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for Stream AnalyticsAljoby, Walid; Wang, Xin ; Fu, Tom ZJ; Ma, Richard TB 
2013On the evolution of the Internet economic ecosystemMa, R.T.B. ; Lui, J.C.S.; Misra, V.
2020On the Tussle Between Over-the-Top and Internet Service Providers: Analysis of the Netflix-Comcast Type of DealsMA TIANBAI ; WANG XIN 
2013Price differentiation and control in the Kelly mechanismYang, Y.; Ma, R.T.B. ; Lui, J.C.S.
13-May-2019Regulating Monopolistic ISPs Without NeutralityTANG JING ; Ma Tianbai 
2011The public option: A non-regulatory alternative to network neutralityMa, R.T.B. ; Misra, V.
Dec-2013The public option: A nonregulatory alternative to network neutralityMa, R.T.B. ; Misra, V.
1-Dec-2017The Role of Data Cap in Optimal Two-Part Network PricingWang, Xin; Ma, Richard TB ; Xu, Yinlong
25-Jan-2019Weighted fair caching: Occupancy-centric allocation for space-shared resourcesShi, Lianjie; WANG XIN ; Ma Tianbai ; TAY YONG CHIANG