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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Defect engineered bioactive transition metals dichalcogenides quantum dotsDing X. ; Peng F. ; Zhou J. ; Gong W.; Slaven G. ; Loh K.P. ; Lim C.T. ; Leong D.T. 
Feb-2012Direct laser machining-induced topographic pattern promotes up-regulation of myogenic markers in human mesenchymal stem cellsLi, H.; Wen, F.; Wong, Y.S.; Boey, F.Y.C.; Subbu, V.S.; Leong, D.T. ; Ng, K.W.; Ng, G.K.L.; Tan, L.P.
Dec-2013Effect of zinc oxide nanomaterials-induced oxidative stress on the p53 pathwaySetyawati, M.I.; Tay, C.Y.; Leong, D.T. 
2014Exploiting cancer's antioxidative weakness through p53 with nanotoxicologySetyawati, M.I.; Tay, C.Y.; Leong, D.T. 
11-Feb-2013Exposure to Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles Induces Autophagy in Primary Human KeratinocytesZhao, Yun; Howe, Josephine LC; Yu, Zhang:; Leong, David Tai ; Chu, Justin Jang Hann ; Loo, Joachim Say Chye; Ng, Kee Woei
10-Oct-2012From aggregation-induced emission of Au(I)-thiolate complexes to ultrabright Au(0)@Au(I)-thiolate core-shell nanoclustersLuo, Z.; Yuan, X.; Yu, Y.; Zhang, Q.; Leong, D.T. ; Lee, J.Y. ; Xie, J. 
5-Feb-2013Glutathione-protected silver nanoclusters as cysteine-selective fluorometric and colorimetric probeYuan, X.; Tay, Y.; Dou, X.; Luo, Z.; Leong, D.T. ; Xie, J. 
Feb-2013Highly luminescent silver nanoclusters with tunable emissions: Cyclic reduction-decomposition synthesis and antimicrobial propertiesYuan, X.; Setyawati, M.I.; Tan, A.S.; Ong, C.N. ; Leong, D.T. ; Xie, J. 
29-Jan-2014Identification of a highly luminescent Au22(SG)18 nanoclusterYu, Y.; Luo, Z.; Chevrier, D.M.; Leong, D.T. ; Zhang, P.; Jiang, D.-E.; Xie, J. 
1-Jan-2013Insights into the role of focal adhesion modulation in myogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cellsYu, H.; Lui, Y.S.; Xiong, S.; Leong, W.S.; Wen, F.; Nurkahfianto, H.; Rana, S.; Leong, D.T. ; Ng, K.W.; Tan, L.P.
Jul-2012Intramuscular nerve damage in lacerated skeletal muscles may direct the inflammatory cytokine response during recoveryPereira, B.P.; Tan, B.L.; Han, H.C.; Zou, Y.; Aung, K.Z.; Leong, D.T. 
Dec-2006Investigating the effects of preinduction on human adipose-derived precursor cells in an athymic rat modelLeong, D.T. ; Abraham, M.C.; Rath, S.N.; Lim, T.-C.; Chew, F.T. ; Hutmacher, D.W. 
2004Isolating bone marrow stem cells using sieve technologyLeong, T.-W.D. ; Chew, F.-T. ; Hutmacher, D.W. 
7-Jan-2014Lighting up thiolated Au@Ag nanoclusters via aggregation-induced emissionDou, X.; Yuan, X.; Yu, Y.; Luo, Z.; Yao, Q.; Leong, D.T. ; Xie, J. 
Apr-2013Mechanoregulation of stem cell fate via micro-/nano-scale manipulation for regenerative medicineTay, C.Y.; Koh, C.G.; Tan, N.S.; Leong, D.T. ; Tan, L.P.
Apr-2010Micropatterned matrix directs differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells towards myocardial lineageTay, C.Y.; Yu, H.; Pal, M.; Leong, W.S.; Tan, N.S.; Ng, K.W.; Leong, D.T. ; Tan, L.P.
19-Jul-2013MicroRNA-34c inversely couples the biological functions of the runt-related transcription factor RUNX2 and the tumor suppressor p53 in osteosarcomaVan Der Deen, M.; Taipaleenmäki, H.; Zhang, Y.; Teplyuk, N.M.; Gupta, A.; Cinghu, S.; Shogren, K.; Maran, A.; Yaszemski, M.J.; Ling, L.; Cool, S.M.; Leong, D.T. ; Dierkes, C.; Zustin, J.; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Ito, Y.; Bae, S.-C.; Zielenska, M.; Squire, J.A.; Lian, J.B.; Stein, J.L.; Zambetti, G.P.; Jones, S.N.; Galindo, M.; Hesse, E.; Stein, G.S.; Van Wijnen, A.J. 
8-Jan-2014Nanoparticles strengthen intracellular tension and retard cellular migrationTay, C.Y.; Cai, P.; Setyawati, M.I.; Fang, W. ; Tan, L.P.; Hong, C.H.L. ; Chen, X.; Leong, D.T. 
Mar-2013Nanotoxicology of common metal oxide based nanomaterials: Their ROS-y and non-ROS-y consequencesSetyawati, M.I.; Fang, W. ; Chia, S.L.; Leong, D.T. 
Mar-2013Nanotoxicology of common metal oxide based nanomaterials: Their ROS-y and non-ROS-y consequencesSetyawati, M.I.; Fang, W. ; Chia, S.L.; Leong, D.T.