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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Apr-2006Nuclear magnetic resonance structure-based epitope mapping and modulation of dust mite group 13 allergen as a hypoallergenChan, S.L. ; Ong, S.T.; Ong, S.Y.; Chew, F.T. ; Mok, Y.K. 
1998Outdoor airborne fungal spores in SingaporeLim, S.H. ; Chew, F.T. ; Dali, S.D.B.M.; Lee, B.W. ; Tan, H.T.W. ; Tan, T.K. 
1999Pediatric Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire: Validation in children from SingaporeElizabeth, C.; Suzanna, S.; Tim, C.F. ; Chi, S.L.P.; Mital, R.; Bee-Wah, L. 
30-Jan-2013Poor Reproducibility of Allergic Rhinitis SNP AssociationsNilsson, D.; Andiappan, A.K.; Halldén, C.; Tim, C.F. ; Säll, T.; Wang, D.Y.; Cardell, L.-O.
1996Prescribing habits for childhood asthma - Preferences in general practiceLim, Y.L.; Tan, A.Y.S.; Khor, S.H.; Chew, F.T. ; Goh, D.Y.T. ; Lee, B.W. 
1997Presence of Domestic Pets and Respiratory Symptoms in Asthmatic ChildrenChew, F.T. ; Teo, J.; Quak, S.H. ; Connett, G.J. ; Lee, B.W. 
1997Prevalence and distribution of indoor allergens in SingaporeZhang, L.; Chew, F.T. ; Soh, S.Y.; Yi, F.C. ; Law, S.Y.; Goh, D.Y.T. ; Lee, B.W. 
1996Prevalence and severity of asthma, rhinitis, and eczema in Singapore schoolchildrenGoh, D.Y.T. ; Chew, F.T. ; Quek, S.C. ; Lee, B.W. 
Mar-1999Prevalence of allergic sensitization to regional inhalants among allergic patients in Jakarta, IndonesiaBaratawidjaja, I.R.; Baratawidjaja, P.P.; Darwis, A.; Soo-Hwee, L.; Fook-Tim, C. ; Bee-Wah, L.; Baratawidjaja, K.G.
Dec-2006Prevalence of asthma and comorbid allergy symptoms in Singaporean preschoolersTan, T.N.; Shek, L.P.; Goh, D.Y.T.; Chew, F.T. ; Lee, B.W.
2006Prevalence of asthma and comorbid allergy symptoms in Singaporean preschoolersTan, T.N. ; Shek, L.P. ; Goh, D.Y.T.; Lee, B.W. ; Chew, F.T. 
Jul-2006Production and proteomic characterization of pharmaceutical-grade Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and Dermatophagoides farinae extracts for allergy vaccinesBatard, T.; Hrabina, A.; Xue, Z.B. ; Chabre, H.; Lemoine, P.; Couret, M.-N.; Faccenda, D.; Villet, B.; Harzic, P.; André, F.; Sock, Y.G.; André, C.; Fook, T.C. ; Moingeon, P.
2013Profiling of metabolites in oil palm mesocarp at different stages of oil biosynthesisNeoh, B.K.; Teh, H.F.; Ng, T.L.M.; Tiong, S.H.; Thang, Y.M.; Ersad, M.A.; Mohamed, M.; Chew, F.T. ; Kulaveerasingam, H.; Appleton, D.R.
2004Proteome analysis gentisate-induced response in Pseudomonas alcaligenes NCIB 9867Zhao, B.; Yeo, C.C. ; Poh, C.L. ; Lee, C.C.; Geng, A. ; Chew, F.T. 
Jul-2004Proteome analysis gentisate-induced response in Pseudomonas alcaligenes NCIB 9867Zhao, B.; Yeo, C.C.; Lee, C.C.; Geng, A.; Chew, F.T. ; Poh, C.L.
2004Proteomic analysis of human tears: Defensin expression after ocular surface surgeryZhou, L. ; Beuerman, R.W. ; Tan, D. ; Huang, L.Q. ; Li, S.F.Y. ; Grigg, M.E.; Chew, F.T. ; Ang, L. ; Stern, M.E.
Sep-2007Proteomic analysis of rabbit tear fluid: Defensin levels after an experimental corneal wound are correlated to wound closureZhou, L.; Beuerman, R.W.; Huang, L. ; Barathi, A.; Yong, H.F.; Li, S.F.Y. ; Fook, T.C. ; Tan, D.
1-Nov-2013Proteomic analysis of the oil palm fruit mesocarp reveals elevated oxidative phosphorylation activity is critical for increased storage oil productionLoei, H. ; Lim, J.; Tan, M.; Lim, T.K. ; Lin, Q.S. ; Chew, F.T. ; Kulaveerasingam, H.; Chung, M.C.M.
May-2006Proteomics technology and therapeuticsHong, M.L.W.; Jiang, N.; Gopinath, S.; Chew, F.T. 
Apr-2002Purification and characterization of 31-kDa palm pollen glycoprotein (Ela g Bd 31 K), which is recognized by IgE from palm pollinosis patientsKimura, Y.; Maeda, M.; Kimura, M.; Oi, M.L.; Siang, H.T.; Sook, M.H.; Fook, T.C.