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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Capital cities and their contested roles in the life of nationsTherborn, Goran; Ho, Kong Chong 
2006Capital cities in Asia-Pacific: primacy and diversityHo, Kong Chong ; Hsiao, Hsin-Huang Michael
2014City & Neighbourhood Report : SingaporeChang, Jiat Hwee ; Ho, Kong Chong ; Skelton, Tracey 
1997City States in the Global Economy: Industrial Restructuring in Hong Kong and SingaporeChiu, Stephen W.K.; Ho, Kong Chong ; Lui, Tai-lok
2002Civic Spaces, globalisation and Pacific Asia citiesDouglass, Mike; Ho, Kong Chong ; Ooi, Giok Ling 
2000Competing to be regional centres: A multi-agency, multi-locational perspectiveHo, K.C. 
Nov-2000Competing to be Regional Centres: A Multi-agency, Multi-locational PerspectiveHo, Kong Chong 
2009Competitive Urban Economic Policies in Global Cities: Shanghai Through the Lens of SingaporeHo, Kong Chong 
2012Constructing a 'Global University Centered in Asia': Globalizing Strategies and Experiences at the National University of SingaporeCollins, Francis Leo ; Ho, Kong Chong 
1998Corporate regional functions in Asia PacificHo, K.C. 
2002Critical Reflections on Cities in Southeast AsiaBunnell, Timothy Gwyn ; Drummond, Lisa Barbara Welch ; Ho, Kong Chong 
1995Cultural, social and leisure activities in SingaporeHo, Kong Chong ; Chua, Beng Huat 
1997Culture and the City in East AsiaKim, Won Bae; Douglass, Mike; Choe, Sang-Chuel; Ho, Kong Chong 
20-Apr-2018Discrepant knowledge and interAsian mobilities: Unlikely movements, uncertain futuresFrancis L. Collins; K. C. Ho 
Sep-2011Education and human capital management in a world city: The case of SingaporeHo, K.C. ; Ge, Y.
2010Emerging education hubs: the case of SingaporeSidhu, R.; Ho, K.-C. ; Yeoh, B. 
1997From Port City to City-State: Forces Shaping Singapore’s Built EnvironmentHo, Kong Chong 
2008Globalisation and liveable cities: Experiences in place-making in Pacific AsiaHo, K.C. ; Douglass, M.
2008Globalisation and liveable cities: Experiences in place-making in Pacific AsiaHo, K.C. ; Douglass, M.; Douglass, M.
1997Globalization and Land-Use Changes in SingaporeHo, Kong Chong