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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Promises and Pitfalls in the Development of Videotex SystemsKuo, Chen-Yu Eddie ; Ho, Kong Chong 
1993Public Housing in SingaporeHo, Kong Chong 
2-Jul-2012Reforming Health: Contrasting Trajectories of Neoliberal Restructuring in the City-StatesChiu, S.W.K.; Ho, K.C. ; Lui, T.-L.
5-Jun-2014Researching international student migration in Asia: research design and project management issuesGe, Y.; Ho, K.C. 
Mar-1997Semi-periphery and borderland integration: Singapore and Hong Kong experiencesHo, K.C. ; So, A.
1997Semi-periphery and borderland integration: Singapore and Hong Kong experiencesHo, K.C. ; So, A.
2005Service Industries and Asia Pacific Cities: New Development TrajectoriesDaniels, Peter W.; Ho, Kong Chong ; Hutton, Tom
2005Service Industries and Occupational Change: Implications for Identity, Citizenship & PoliticsHo, Kong Chong 
2014Singapore: Building a Knowledge and Education HubSidhu, Ravinder; Ho, Kong Chong ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
1995Singapore: Maneuvering in the Middle LeagueHo, Kong Chong 
1999Singaporean Strategy for Maintaining CompetitivenessHo, Kong Chong 
Mar-2002‘Sites’ of Resistance: Alternative Websites and State-Society RelationsHo, Kong Chong ; Zaheer, Baber
2001The Business of Producing CultureHo, Kong Chong 
1997The global economy and urban society in Pacific AsiaHo, K.C. 
2011The Global Schoolhouse: Governing Singapore’s Knowledge Economy AspirationsSidhu, Ravinder; Ho, Kong Chong ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
2009The neighbourhood in the creative economy: Policy, practice and place in SingaporeHo, K.C. 
1999Transborder Regional Governance and Planning: The Case of Singapore and Its NeighborsHo, Kong Chong 
1995Videotex development in the Asia-Pacific : policy, marketing and implicationsKuo, Chen-Yu Eddie ; Ho, Kong Chong 
1994Videotex developments in the Asia‐Pacific: Some policy and marketing issuesHo, Kong Chong ; Kuo, Eddie C.Y.
1995Videotex Systems in the Age of InformationHo, Kong Chong