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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Band alignment of yttrium oxide on various relaxed and strained semiconductor substratesChiam, S.Y.; Chim, W.K. ; Pi, C.; Huan, A.C.H.; Wang, S.J.; Pan, J.S.; Turner, S.; Zhang, J.
1-May-2013Band gap, band offsets and dielectric constant improvement by addition of yttrium into lanthanum aluminateLiu, Z.Q.; Chim, W.K. ; Chiam, S.Y.; Pan, J.S.; Ng, C.M.
Mar-1994Building-in reliability for silver die attached light emitting diodesChim, W.K. ; Chong, K.Y.
1-Mar-2000Can physical analysis aid in device characterization?Chan, D.S.H. ; Chim, W.K. ; Phang, J.C.H. ; Liu, Y.Y.; Ng, T.H.; Xiao, H.
1997Cathodoluminescence evaluation of electrical stress condition of Si-SiO2 structuresLiu, X.; Chan, D.S.H. ; Phang, J.C.H. ; Chim, W.K. 
1998Cathodoluminescence microscopy of semiconductor devices using a novel detector with high collection and backscattered electron rejection efficiencyPhang, J.C.H. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Chim, W.K. ; Liu, Y.Y.; Liu, X.
1999Channel-width effect on hot-carrier degradation in NMOSFETs with recessed-LOCOS isolation structuresYue, J.M.P.; Chim, W.K. ; Cho, B.J. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Qin, W.H.; Kim, Y.B.; Jang, S.A.; Yeo, I.S.
1995Characterization of hot-carrier degradation in non-isolated MOSFETs using a new gate-current measurement techniqueLeang, S.E.; Chan, D.S.H. ; Chim, W.K. 
1997Characterization of the plasma-induced effective mobility degradation of LATID NMOSFETsLou, C.L.; Song, J.; Tan, C.B.; Chim, W.K. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Pan, Y. 
1999Charge trapping as the dominant degradation mechanism during plasma processing of 0.25 μm technology devicesSong, J.; Chim, W.K. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Pan, Y.
20-Sep-2004Clarifying the origin of near-infrared electroluminescence peaks for nanocrystalline germanium in metal-insulator-silicon structuresKan, E.W.H.; Chim, W.K. ; Lee, C.H.; Choi, W.K. ; Ng, T.H.
Dec-2001Combined low-frequency noise and resistance measurements for void extraction in deep-submicrometer interconnectsChu, L.W.; Chim, W.K. ; Pey, K.L. ; Yeo, J.Y.K.; Chan, L.
1-Oct-2010Comparative study of aluminium-doped zinc oxide and ruthenium-aluminium co-doped zinc oxide by magnetron co-sputteringWong, L.M.; Wang, S.J.; Chim, W.K. 
1999Comparative study of charge trapping effects in LDD surface-channel and buried-channel PMOS transistors using charge profiling and threshold voltage shift measurementsKok, C.K.; Chew, W.C.; Chim, W.K. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Leang, S.E.
1995Comparative study on the channel hot-carrier degradation of N- and P-MOSFETs with CVD tungsten polycide gateLow, C.L.; Chim, W.K. ; Chan, D.S.H. ; Pan, Y. 
1999Comparison of interface trap generation by Fowler-Nordheim electron injection and hot-hole injection using the DCIV methodNg, K.H.; Jie, B.B.; He, Y.D. ; Chim, W.K. ; Li, M.F. ; Lo, K.F.
Feb-2009Comparison of the synthesis of Ge nanocrystals in hafnium aluminum oxide and silicon oxide matricesChew, H.G.; Zheng, F.; Choi, W.K. ; Chim, W.K. ; Fitzgerald, E.A.; Foo, Y.L.
2006Conductance-voltage measurements on germanium nanocrystal memory structures and effect of gate electric field couplingNg, T.H.; Chim, W.K. ; Choi, W.K. 
1-May-1998Conduction mechanisms and interface property of silicon oxide films sputtered under different oxygen concentrationsChoi, W.K. ; Han, K.K.; Choo, C.K.; Chim, W.K. ; Lu, Y.F.
2004Confinement of nanocrystals and possible charge storage mechanism for MIS memory devices with ge nanocrystals embedded in SiO 2Ho, V.; Choi, W.K. ; Chim, W.K. ; Teo, L.W.; Du, A.Y.; Tung, C.H.