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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Generating test programs to cover pipeline interactionsThanh, N.D.; Roychoudhury, A. ; Mitra, T. ; Mishra, P.
2010Golden implementation driven software debuggingBanerjee, A. ; Roychoudhury, A. ; Harlie, J.A. ; Liang, Z. 
2006Handling constraints in multi-objective GA for embedded system designChakraborty, B. ; Chen, T. ; Mitra, T. ; Roychoudhury, A. 
2007Hierarchical dynamic slicingWang, T. ; Roychoudhury, A. 
2004Impact of java memory model on out-of-order multiprocessorsMitra, T. ; Roychoudhury, A. ; Shen, Q.
2004Inductively verifying invariant properties of parameterized systemsRoychoudhury, A. ; Ramakrishnan, I.V.
2012Inferring class level specifications for distributed systemsKumar, S. ; Khoo, S.-C. ; Roychoudhury, A. ; Lo, D.
2013Integrated timing analysis of application and operating systems codeChong, L.K.; Ballabriga, C.; Pham, V.-T.; Chattopadhyay, S.; Roychoudhury, A. 
2006Interacting process classesGoel, A. ; Meng, S.; Roychoudhury, A. ; Thiagarajan, P.S. 
2008Java memory model aware software validationDe, A.; Roychoudhury, A. ; D'Souza, D.
1-Feb-2020KLEESPECTRE: Detecting Information Leakage through Speculative Cache Attacks via Symbolic Execution.Wang, Guanhua ; Chattopadhyay, Sudipta ; Biswas, Arnab Kumar ; Mitra, Tulika ; Roychoudhury, Abhik 
2012Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics): PrefaceRoychoudhury, A. ; D'Souza, M.
2011Locating failure-inducing environment changesQi, D.; Ngo, M.N.; Sun, T.; Roychoudhury, A. 
2007Memory model sensitive bytecode verificationHuynh, T.Q.; Roychoudhury, A. 
2011Mining message sequence graphsKumar, S. ; Khoo, S.-C. ; Roychoudhury, A. ; Lo, D.
2005Modeling control speculation for timing analysisLi, X.; Mitra, T. ; Roychoudhury, A. 
2004Modeling out-of-order processors for software timing analysisLi, X.; Roychoudhury, A. ; Mitra, T. 
2006Modeling out-of-order processors for WCET analysisLi, X.; Roychoudhury, A. ; Mitra, T. 
2010Modeling shared cache and bus in multi-cores for timing analysisChattopadhyay, S.; Roychoudhury, A. ; Mitra, T. 
2019Neuro-Symbolic Execution: Augmenting Symbolic Execution with Neural ConstraintsShiqi, Shen; Shinde, Shweta ; Ramesh, Soundarya; Roychoudhury, Abhik ; Saxena, Prateek