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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009DARWIN: An approach for debugging evolving programsQi, D.; Roychoudhury, A. ; Liang, Z. ; Vaswani, K.
2012DARWIN: An approach to debugging evolving programsQi, D.; Roychoudhury, A. ; Liang, Z. 
2010Debugging as a science, that too, when your program is changingRoychoudhury, A. 
2008Debugging statecharts via model-code traceabilityGuo, L. ; Roychoudhury, A. 
2004Design space exploration of caches using compressed tracesLi, X.; Negi, H.S.; Mitra, T. ; Roychoudhury, A. 
2008Dynamic slicing on Java bytecode tracesWang, T. ; Roychoudhury, A. 
2006Efficient detection and exploitation of infeasible paths for software timing analysisSuhendra, V. ; Mitra, T. ; Roychoudhury, A. ; Chen, T. 
2011Engineering multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service systemsSengupta, B.; Roychoudhury, A. 
2007Exploiting branch constraints without exhaustive path enumerationChen, T. ; Mitra, T. ; Roychoudhury, A. ; Suhendra, V. 
2013Expressing and checking intended changes via software change contractsYi, J.; Qi, D.; Tan, S.H.; Roychoudhury, A. 
2009Fair model checking with process counter abstractionSun, J. ; Liu, Y. ; Roychoudhury, A. ; Liu, S. ; Dong, J.S. 
2009Footprinter: Round-trip engineering via scenario and state based modelsGoel, A. ; Sengupta, B.; Roychoudhury, A. 
10-Jul-2020Fuzz Testing based Data Augmentation to Improve Robustness of Deep Neural NetworksGao, Xiang ; Saha, Ripon; Prasad, Mukul ; Abhik Roychoudhury 
2009Generating test programs to cover pipeline interactionsThanh, N.D.; Roychoudhury, A. ; Mitra, T. ; Mishra, P.
2010Golden implementation driven software debuggingBanerjee, A. ; Roychoudhury, A. ; Harlie, J.A. ; Liang, Z. 
2006Handling constraints in multi-objective GA for embedded system designChakraborty, B. ; Chen, T. ; Mitra, T. ; Roychoudhury, A. 
2007Hierarchical dynamic slicingWang, T. ; Roychoudhury, A. 
2004Impact of java memory model on out-of-order multiprocessorsMitra, T. ; Roychoudhury, A. ; Shen, Q.
2004Inductively verifying invariant properties of parameterized systemsRoychoudhury, A. ; Ramakrishnan, I.V.
2012Inferring class level specifications for distributed systemsKumar, S. ; Khoo, S.-C. ; Roychoudhury, A. ; Lo, D.