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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Feb-2002Integrity protection for Code-on-Demand mobile agents in e-commerceWang, T.; Guan, S.-U. ; Khoon Chan, T.
2004Intelligent product brokering for e-commerce: An incremental approach to unaccounted attribute detectionGuan, S.-U. ; Tan, P.C.; Chan, T.K.
2002Intelligent transport protocol design using genetic algorithmBoh, C.L.D.; Guan, S.-U. 
Feb-2003Migration control for mobile agents based on passport and visaGuan, S.-U. ; Wang, T.; Ong, S.-H. 
15-Jan-2004Modeling adaptable multimedia and self-modifying protocol executionGuan, S.-U. ; Lim, S.-S.
15-May-2002Modeling with enhanced prioritized Petri nets: EP-netsGuan, S.-U. ; Lim, S.-S.
2006MultiLearner based recursive supervised trainingRamanathan, K.; Guan, S.U. ; Iyer, L.R.
2004Ontology acquisition and exchange of evolutionary product-brokering agentsGuan, S. ; Zhu, F.
2006Ontology exchange and integration via product-brokering agentsGuan, S.-U. ; Zhu, F. 
Mar-2005Optimization of 2D lattice cellular automata for pseudorandom number generationQuieta, M.T.R.; Guan, S.-U. 
15-Oct-2005Ordered incremental training for GA-based classifiersZhu, F.; Guan, S. 
Dec-2004Ordered incremental training with genetic algorithmsZhu, F.; Guan, S.-U. 
Mar-2005Organizing information on the next generation web -design and implementation of a new bookmark structureGuan, S.-U. ; Mcmullen, P.
Oct-2005Output partitioning of neural networksGuan, S.-U. ; Yinan, Q.; Tan, S.K.; Li, S.
May-2002Parallel growing and training of neural networks using output parallelismGuan, S.-U. ; Li, S.
2006Particle swarm assisted incremental evolution strategy for function optimizationMo, W.; Guan, S.-U. 
3-May-2004Pseudorandom number generation based on controllable cellular automataGuan, S.-U. ; Zhang, S. 
Jul-2004Pseudorandom number generation with self-programmable cellular automataGuan, S.-U. ; Tan, S.K.
2003Pseudorandom number generator - The Self Programmable Cellular AutomataGuan, S.-U. ; Tan, S.K.
2004Recursive percentage based hybrid pattern (RPHP) training for curve fittingUei, G.S. ; Ramanathan, K.