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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012On the influence of carbon nanotubes and processing on tensile response and fracture behavior of a magnesium alloySrivatsan, T.S.; Godbole, C.; Paramsothy, M. ; Gupta, M. 
25-Jan-2009On the role of nano-alumina particulate reinforcements in enhancing the oxidation resistance of magnesium alloy AZ31BNguyen, Q.B. ; Gupta, M. ; Srivatsan, T.S.
10-May-2005On the use of interconnected reinforcements to enhance the performance of monolithic aluminumGupta, M. ; Adi, L.; Ganesh, V.V.; Srivatsan, T.S.
1999On the work hardening behaviour of a rheocast SiC reinforced aluminum metal-matrix compositeManoharan, M.; Gupta, M. 
29-Jun-2016Powder Metallurgy Hollow Fly Ash Cenospheres Particles Reinforced Magnesium CompositesSankaranarayanan Seetharaman ; Quy Bau Nguyen ; Raja Shabadi; Abdulhakim Almajid; Manoj Gupta 
15-Aug-2003Predicting the failure strains of Al/SiC composites with reacted matrix-reinforcement interfacesTham, L.M.; Gupta, M. ; Cheng, L. 
2000Processing and characterization of monolithic and reinforced materials fabricated using a cost effective disintegrated melt deposition techniqueGanesh, V.V.; Gupta, M. 
2015Processing and properties of aluminum and magnesium based composites containing amorphous reinforcement: A reviewSubramanian J. ; Seetharaman S. ; Gupta M. 
2011Processing and properties of amorphous magnesium-based eco-materialsFu, X.L.; Tan, M.J.; Jarfors, A.E.W.; Gupta, M. 
1-Jan-2013Processing maps, microstructure evolution and deformation mechanisms of extruded AZ31-DMD during hot uniaxial compressionZhong, T.; Rao, K.P.; Prasad, Y.V.R.K.; Gupta, M. 
22-Jan-2018Processing of PMMA nanocomposites containing biocompatible GO and TiO2 nanoparticlesMd Alamgir; Ganesh NAYAK; Ashis Mallick; Santosh Tiwari; Subrata Mondal; Manoj Gupta 
Jul-1997Processing, microstructure, and mechanical properties of (Al-Cu)/C composites synthesised using partial liquid phase casting processGupta, M. ; Lim, S.C. ; Ng, W.B.
Dec-2008Processing, microstructure, and properties of a Mg/Al bimetal macrocompositeParamsothy, M. ; Gupta, M. ; Srikanth, N.
2001Processing, microstructure, and properties of Mg - SiC composites synthesised using fluxless casting processLim, S.C.V.; Gupta, M. ; Lu, L. 
1995Processing-microstructure-mechanical properties of Al based metal matrix composites synthesized using casting routeGupta, M. ; Surappa, M.K.
Dec-1995Processing-microstructure-mechanical properties of an Al-Cu/SiC metal matrix composite synthesized using disintegrated melt deposition techniqueGupta, M. ; Lai, M.O. ; Soo, C.Y.
1996Processing-microstructure-mechanical properties of an Al-Cu/SiC metal matrix composite synthesized using disintegrated melt deposition techniqueGupta, M. ; Lai, M.O. ; Soo, C.Y.
2010Producing magnesium metallic glass by disintegrated melt depositionShanthi, M. ; Gupta, M. ; Jarfors, A.E.W.; Tan, M.J.
Sep-2007Properties and deformation behaviour of Mg-Y2O3 nanocompositesGoh, C.S.; Wei, J.; Lee, L.C.; Gupta, M. 
2000Recycling of aluminium based metal matrix composite using disintegrated melt deposition techniqueLing, P.S.; Gupta, M.