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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Laser cladding of copper-based materials for building electrical discharge machining electrodeTang, Y. ; Lu, L. ; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Wong, Y.S. ; Gupta, M. ; Zhu, H.
Jul-2006Lead-free solder reinforced with multiwalled carbon nanotubesNai, S.M.L.; Wei, J.; Gupta, M. 
25-Apr-2014Low volume fraction nano-titanium particulates for improving the mechanical response of pure magnesiumMeenashisundaram, G.K.; Gupta, M. 
2010Magnesium and Aluminium carbon nanotube compositesGoh, C.S.; Gupta, M. ; Jarfors, A.E.W.; Tan, M.J.; Wei, J.
17-May-2016Magnesium Nanocomposite: Increasing Copperization Effect on High Temperature Tensile PropertiesSyed Fida Hassan; Nasser Al-Aqeeli; Zuhair Gasem; Sandar Tun; Manoj Gupta 
2018Magnesium nanocomposites: An overview on time-dependent plastic (creep) deformationHaghshenas M.; Gupta M. 
15-Nov-2010Magnesium, Magnesium Alloys, and Magnesium CompositesGupta, M. ; Sharon
2015Magnesium-based nanocomposites: Lightweight materials of the futureGupta M ; Wong W.L.E.
2013Mechanical behavior of a magnesium alloy nanocomposite under conditions of static tension and dynamic fatigueSrivatsan, T.S.; Godbole, C.; Quick, T.; Paramsothy, M. ; Gupta, M. 
Jun-2010Mechanical characteristics of pure Mg and a Mg/Y2O3 nanocomposite in the 25-250 °c temperature rangeMallick, A.; Tun, K.S. ; Vedantam, S. ; Gupta, M. 
17-Sep-2010Mechanical property retention in remelted microparticle to nanoparticle AZ31/Al2O3 compositesParamsothy, M. ; Nguyen, Q.B. ; Tun, K.S. ; Chan, J.; Kwok, R.; Kuma, J.V.M. ; Gupta, M. 
23-Sep-2003Metastable aluminum-titanium materialsGUPTA, MANOJ 
Apr-2003Mg-based composite reinforced by Mg2SiLu, L. ; Thong, K.K.; Gupta, M. 
2009Micro-engineering the stressed macro-interface and enhancing the performance of Mg/Al bimetal macrocompositesParamsothy, M. ; Hassan, S.F.; Srikanth, N.; Gupta, M. 
1-Jan-1999Micromechanical modeling of processing-induced damage in Al-SiC metal matrix composites synthesized using the disintegrated melt deposition techniqueTham, L.M.; Su, L.; Cheng, L. ; Gupta, M. 
15-Jun-2012Microstructural and mechanical properties of AZ31 magnesium alloy with Cr addition and CO 2 incorporation during processingJayalakshmi, S. ; Nguyen, Q.B. ; Gupta, M. 
14-Feb-2014Microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of Mg composites containing nano-B4C hybridized micro-Ti particulatesSankaranarayanan, S.; Sabat, R.K.; Jayalakshmi, S. ; Suwas, S.; Gupta, M. 
Nov-2003Microstructural, physical, and mechanical characteristics of bulk nanocrystalline copper synthesised using powder metallurgyThein, M.A.; Gupta, M. 
Aug-1999Microstructure and grain growth behavior of an aluminum alloy metal matrix composite processed by disintegrated melt depositionGupta, M. ; Srivatsan, T.S.