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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1995Demand forecasting using fuzzy neural computation, with special emphasis on weekend and public holiday forecastingSrinivasan, Dipti ; Chang, C.S. ; Liew, A.C. 
2012Demand side management in smart grid using heuristic optimizationLogenthiran, T.; Srinivasan, D. ; Shun, T.Z.
2004Design and analysis of SISO fuzzy logic controller for power electronic convertersViswanathan, K.; Srinivasan, D. ; Oruganti, R.
Jan-2010Design and application of neural networks and intelligent learning systemsSrinivasan, D. ; Howlett, R.J.; Lovrek, I.; Jain, L.C.; Lim, C.-P.
2004Design and evaluation of tri-state boost converterViswanathan, K. ; Oruganti, R. ; Srinivasan, D. 
Apr-2002Development and adaptation of constructive probabilistic neural network in freeway incident detectionJin, X.; Cheu, R.L. ; Srinivasan, D. 
1-Jun-2000Development of an intelligent technique for traffic network incident detectionSrinivasan, D. ; Cheu, R.L. ; Poh, Y.P.; Ng, A.K.C.
2004Digital control of single-phase UPS inverters with modified PWM techniqueDeng, H.; Oruganti, R. ; Srinivasan, D. 
Sep-2010Distributed geometric fuzzy multiagent urban traffic signal controlGokulan, B.P. ; Srinivasan, D. 
2009Distributed multi-agent type-2 fuzzy architecture for urban traffic signal controlBalaji, P.G. ; Srinivasan, D. 
2007Distributed problem solving using evolutionary learning in multi-agent systemsSrinivasan, D. ; Choy, M.C.
2003Dual mode control of tri-state boost converter for improved performanceViswanathan, K. ; Oruganti, R. ; Srinivasan, D. 
2004Dual-mode control of cascade buck-boost PFC converterViswanathan, K. ; Oruganti, R. ; Srinivasan, D. 
Jul-2005Dual-mode control of tri-state boost converter for improved performanceViswanathan, K. ; Oruganti, R. ; Srinivasan, D. 
2007Dynamic resizing for grid-based archiving in evolutionary multi-objective optimizationRachmawati, L.; Srinivasan, D. 
2008Efficient fuzzy evolutionary algorithm-based approach for solving the student project allocation problemSrinivasan, D. ; Rachmawati, L.
2007Electricity price forecasting using evolved neural networksSrinivasan, D. ; Fen, C.Y.; Ah, C.L. 
Dec-2008Energy demand prediction using GMDH networksSrinivasan, D. 
2010Estimation of solar power generating capacityNaing, L.P.; Srinivasan, D. 
Mar-2004Evaluation of Adaptive Neural Network Models for Freeway Incident DetectionSrinivasan, D. ; Jin, X.; Cheu, R.L.