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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Effects of instrumentation time on microleakage of resin-modified glass ionomer cementsYap, A.U.J. ; Yeo, E.J.C.; Yap, W.Y.; Ong, D.S.B.; Tan, J.W.S.
Sep-2005Effects of pH on the microhardness of resin-based restorative materialsMohamed-Tahir, M.A. ; Tan, H.Y.; Woo, A.A.S.; Yap, A.U.J. 
Sep-2004Effects of pH on the surface texture of glass ionomer based/containing restorative materialsMohamed-Tahir, M.A. ; Yap, A.U.J. 
2002Effects of professionally applied topical fluorides on surface hardness of composite-based restorativesYap, A.U.J. ; Mok, B.Y.Y. 
1998Effects of stabilization appliances on nocturnal parafunctional activities in patients with and without signs of temporomandibular disordersYap, A.U.J. 
1998Effects of storage, thermal and load cycling on a new reinforced glass-ionomer cementYap, A.U.J. 
2005Effects of surface finish on indentation modulus and hardness of dental composite restorativesChung, S.M. ; Yap, A.U.J. 
Nov-2007Effects of surface treatment and aging on the bond strength of orthodontic brackets to provisional materialsChay, S.H. ; Wong, S.L.; Mohamed, N.; Chia, A.; Jin Yap, A.U. 
2005Elastic modulus of resin-based dental restorative materials: A microindentation approachChung, S.M. ; Yap, A.U.J. ; Tsai, K.T.; Yap, F.L.
1996Electronic and local anesthesia: A clinical comparison for operative proceduresYap, A.U.J. ; Ho, H.C.W.
Jul-2004Elution of leachable components from composites after LED and halogen light irradiationYap, A.U.J. ; Han, V.T.S.; Soh, M.S.; Siow, K.S. 
Jan-2002Environmental damage and occlusal contact area wear of composite restorativesYap, A.U.J. ; Chew, C.L. ; Ong, L.F.K.L. ; Teoh, S.H. 
2007Environmental degradation of glass-ionomer cements: A depth-sensing microindentation studyWang, X.Y.; Yap, A.U.J. ; Ngo, H.C.; Chung, S.M. 
2002Experimental studies on a new bioactive material: HAIonomer cementsYap, A.U.J. ; Pek, Y.S.; Kumar, R.A.; Cheang, P.; Khor, K.A.
2000Field amplified stacking injection - Capillary electrophoresis for quantitative analysis of released methacrylic acid from dental compositesSabapathy, R.; Liu, W.P.; Yap, A.U.J. ; Lee, H.K. 
2002Field-amplified stacking injection-capillary electrophoresis for quantitative analysis of fluoride released from dental compositeZhu, L.; Tham, S.Y.; Yap, A.U.J. ; Lee, H.K. 
2004Finishing/polishing of composite and compomer restoratives: Effectiveness of one-step systemsYap, A.U.J. ; Yap, S.H.; Teo, C.K.; Ng, J.J.
15-Nov-2004Flexural strength of dental composite restoratives: Comparison of biaxial and three-point bending testChung, S.M. ; Yap, A.U.J. ; Chandra, S.P.; Lim, C.T. 
Sep-1999Fluoride release and antibacterial properties of new-generation tooth-colored restoratives.Yap, A.U. ; Khor, E. ; Foo, S.H.
Jan-2004Fracture Resistance of Compomer and Composite RestorativesYap, A.U.J. ; Chung, S.M. ; Chow, W.S.; Tsai, K.T.; Lim, C.T.