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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The Chinese version of the cardiac depression scale: Mokken scalingWatson R.; Wang W. ; Hare D.L.; Ski C.F.; Thompson D.R.
2012The Chinese version of the Myocardial Infarction Dimensional Assessment Scale (MIDAS): Mokken scalingWatson R.; Wang W. ; Ski C.F.; Thompson D.R.
Sep-2019The development and pilot study of a nurse-led HOMe-based HEart failure self-Management Programme (the HOM-HEMP) for patients with chronic heart failure, following Medical Research Council guidelinesJiang, Ying ; Shorey, Shefaly ; Nguyen, Hoang D; Wu, Vivien Xi ; Lee, Choy Yee; Yang, Lee Fung; Koh, Karen Wei Ling ; Wang, Wenru 
14-Mar-2017The effect of a smartphone-based coronary heart disease prevention (SBCHDP) programme on awareness and knowledge of CHD, stress, and cardiac-related lifestyle behaviours among the working population in Singapore: a pilot randomised controlled trialZHANG HUI ; NGUYEN, HOANG D; POO CHIANG CHOON, DANNY ; WANG WENRU 
2015The Effectiveness of Therapeutic Play Intervention in Reducing Perioperative Anxiety, Negative Behaviors, and Postoperative Pain in Children Undergoing Elective Surgery: A Systematic ReviewHe H.-G ; Zhu L ; Chan S.W.C ; Klainin-Yobas P ; Wang W 
2019Validation of the Chinese Manchester foot pain and disability index (C-MFPDI) among patients with inflammatory arthritisErh, B.X.Y.; He, H.-G. ; Carter, K.F.; Cheung, P.P. ; Tan, D.S.; Wang, W. ; Rome, K.
2014Violations of local stochastic independence exaggerate scalability in Mokken scaling analysis of the Chinese Mandarin SF-36Watson R.; Wang W. ; Thompson D.R.
May-2015Vital signs monitoring to detect patient deterioration: An integrative literature reviewMok, Wen Qi; Wang, Wenru ; Liaw, Siok Ying