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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Apr-2017Post-dispute agreements on choice of lawY. L. Tan 
1-Feb-2015Recasting diaspora strategies through feminist care ethicsHo, Elaine Lynn-Ee ; Boyle, Mark; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
2013Rediscovering Singapore’s changing landscapesHo, Lynn Ee Elaine ; Woon, Chih Yuan ; Ramdas, Kamalini 
Oct-2013‘Refugee’ or ‘returnee’? The ethnic geopolitics of diasporic resettlement in China and intergenerational changeHO LYNN EE,ELAINE 
1-Feb-2015Special issue introduction: New research directions and critical perspectives on diaspora strategies  Ho, Lynn Ee Elaine ; Hickey, Maureen ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
Feb-2016Study on the perceptions of Singapore's historyLeong Chan-Hoong ; Magdalene Choo ; Elaine Ho ; Varian Lim ; Paveena Seah ; Yang Wai Wai
22-May-2014The emotional economy of migration driving Mainland Chinese transnational sojourning across migration regimesHO LYNN EE,ELAINE 
21-Mar-2016The Geo-Social and Global Geographies of Power: Urban Aspirations of ‘Worlding’ African Students in China Ho, Elaine Lynn Ee 
2013The Singaporean diaspora landscapeHO LYNN EE,ELAINE ; Woon, Chih Yuan ; Ramdas, Kamalini 
2014Transnational identities, multiculturalism or assimilation? China’s ‘refugee-returnees’ and generational transitionsHO LYNN EE,ELAINE 
2006Transnational Migration and WorkHo, Lynn Ee Elaine 
1-Jan-2020Tuning care relations between migrant caregivers and the elderly in SingaporeLIEW JIAN AN ; YEOH SAW AI,BRENDA ; HUANG SWEE LIAN,SHIRLENA ; HO LYNN EE,ELAINE 
13-Feb-2009Weighing the Logics and Politics of International InterventionHo, Lynn Ee Elaine