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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2007Identification of active biomolecules in the high-yield synthesis of single-crystalline gold nanoplates in algal solutionsXie, J. ; Lee, J.Y. ; Wang, D.I.C.; Ting, Y.P. 
Feb-1997Immobilisation of phosphomolybdic (PM) acid by Nafion and the electrochromism of the resulting PM-Nafion filmsPan, B.H.; Lee, J.Y. 
Feb-1997Immobilisation of phosphomolybdic (PM) acid by Nafion and the electrochromism of the resulting PM-Nafion filmsPan, B.H.; Lee, J.Y. 
Nov-1996Impedance spectra of the anodic dissolution of mild steel in sulfuric acidLi, P.; Tan, T.C. ; Lee, J.Y. 
2009Improving oxygen reduction efficiency in direct methanol fuel cells through structured catalyst designYang, J.; Xu, J.; Saeys, M. ; Lee, J.Y. 
15-Jan-2002Improving the high-temperature performance of LiMn2O4 spinel by micro-emulsion coating of LiCoO2Liu, Z.; Wang, H.; Fang, L.; Lee, J.Y. ; Gan, L.M.
11-Sep-2012Improving the performance of high capacity Li-ion anode materials by lithium titanate surface coatingJi, G.; Ma, Y.; Ding, B.; Lee, J.Y. 
7-Sep-2013In situ nitrogenated graphene-few-layer WS2 composites for fast and reversible Li+ storageChen, D.; Ji, G.; Ding, B.; Ma, Y.; Qu, B.; Chen, W.; Lee, J.Y. 
22-Apr-2004In situ preparation of poly(ethylene oxide)-SiO2 composite polymer electrolytesLiu, Y. ; Lee, J.Y. ; Hong, L. 
Aug-2007Increased metal utilization in carbon-supported Pt catalysts by adsorption of preformed Pt nanoparticles on colloidal silicaZeng, J.; Lee, J.Y. ; Chen, J.; Shen, P.K.; Song, S.
2014Increasing the high rate performance of mixed metal phospho-olivine cathodes through collective and cooperative strategiesDing, B.; Ji, G.; Ma, Y.; Xiao, P.; Lu, L. ; Lee, J.Y. 
2006Inhibition of DNA hybridization by small metal nanoparticlesYang, J. ; Lee, J.Y. ; Chow, G.-M. ; Too, H.-P. 
2008Intensity-dependent enhancement of saturable absorption in PbS- Au 4 nanohybrid composites: Evidence for resonant energy transfer by Auger recombinationElim, H.I. ; Ji, W. ; Yang, J. ; Lee, J.Y. 
Dec-2008Interfacial behaviors of densely anchored hydrophilic oligomeric chains on silica microspheresZhang, X.; Hong, L. ; Liu, Z.; Lee, J.-Y. 
2015Introducing amphiphilicity to noble metal nanoclusters via phase-transfer driven ion-pairing reactionYao Qiaofeng ; Yuan Xun; Yu Yong; Yu Yue ; Xie Jianping ; Lee Jim Yang 
7-Jun-2012Ion pair reinforced semi-interpenetrating polymer network for direct methanol fuel cell applicationsFang, C.; Julius, D.; Tay, S.W.; Hong, L. ; Lee, J.Y. 
2012Ion pair reinforced semi-interpenetrating polymer networks for fuel cell polymer electrolyte membrane designFang, C.; Hong, L. ; Lee, J.Y. 
12-Jul-2004Li+ conducting 'fuzzy' poly(ethylene oxide)-SiO2 polymer composite electrolytesZhang, S.; Lee, J.Y. ; Hong, L. 
2-Sep-2011Linker-free 3D assembly of nanocrystals with tunable unit size for reversible lithium ion storageDeng, D.; Lee, J.Y. 
Apr-2000Lithium intercalation and deintercalation reactions in synthetic graphite containing a high dispersion of SnOLee, J.Y. ; Zhang, R.; Liu, Z.