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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2012Computational and experimental study of the Volcano behavior of the oxygen reduction activity of PdM@PdPt/C (M = Pt, Ni, Co, Fe, and Cr) core-shell electrocatalystsTrinh, Q.T.; Yang, J.; Lee, J.Y. ; Saeys, M. 
5-Jul-2013Conformal graphene encapsulation of tin oxide nanoparticle aggregates for improved performance in reversible Li+ storageJi, G.; Ding, B.; Sha, Z.; Wu, J. ; Ma, Y.; Lee, J.Y. 
9-Sep-2004Controlled synthesis of V-shaped SnO 2 nanorodsWang, Y. ; Lee, J.Y. ; Deivaraj, T.C. 
2005Core-shell Ag-Au nanoparticles from replacement reaction in organic mediumYang, J. ; Lee, J.Y. ; Too, H.-P. 
15-Jun-1997Corrosion protection of mild steel by electroactive polyaniline coatingsLi, P.; Tan, T.C. ; Lee, J.Y. 
2015Counterion-assisted shaping of nanocluster supracrystalsYao, Qiaofeng ; Yu, Yue ; Yuan, Xun; Yu, Yong; Zhao, Dan ; Xie, Jianping ; Lee, Jim Yang 
7-Mar-2006Crystalline carbon hollow spheres, crystalline carbon-SnO2 hollow spheres, and crystalline SnO2 hollow spheres: Synthesis and performance in reversible Li-ion storageWang, Y.; Su, F. ; Lee, J.Y. ; Zhao, X.S. 
14-Feb-2013CTAB-assisted synthesis of single-layer MoS2-graphene composites as anode materials of Li-ion batteriesWang, Z.; Chen, T.; Chen, W.; Chang, K.; Ma, L.; Huang, G.; Chen, D.; Lee, J.Y. 
1-Aug-1998Cycle life improvement of LiMn2O4 cathode in rechargeable lithium batteriesLiu, Z.; Yu, A.; Lee, J.Y. 
May-1990Cyclic voltammetry of electrodeposition of metal on electrosynthesized polypyrrole filmLee, Jim Y. ; Tan, Thiam-Chye 
1994Degradation of copolymers of aniline and metanilic acidCui, C.Q. ; Su, X.H.; Lee, J.Y. 
3-Nov-2010Design of an oxygen reduction catalyst for direct methanol fuel cellsXu, J.; Yang, J.; Lee, J.Y. ; Saeys, M. 
19-Sep-1995Determination of oxidant or reductant concentration by the spectrophotometric or visual response in oxidation or reduction of polyanilineCUI, CHENG Q. ; HUANG, YU L. ; LEE, JIM Y. 
1-Feb-2000Diamond-like film as a corrosion protective layer on the hard diskTomcik, B.; Osipowicz, T. ; Lee, J.Y. 
7-Oct-2010Direct fabrication of double-rough chestnut-like multifunctional Sn@C composites on copper foil: Lotus effect and lithium ion storage propertiesDeng, D.; Lee, J.Y. 
Sep-2000Dispersion of Sn and SnO on carbon anodesLee, J.Y. ; Zhang, R.; Liu, Z.
2007Dissociation of double-stranded DNA by small metal nanoparticlesYang, J.; Pong, B.-K.; Lee, J.Y. ; Too, H.-P. 
2007Dissolution-recrystallization mechanism for the conversion of silver nanospheres to triangular nanoplatesYang, J.; Zhang, Q.; Lee, J.Y. ; Too, H.-P. 
1-Mar-2007Do magnetically modified PtFe/C catalysts perform better in methanol electrooxidation?Zeng, J.; Zhao, Z.; Lee, J.Y. ; Shen, P.K.; Song, S.
2006Drilling nanoholes in colloidal spheres by selective etchingYan, Q. ; Liu, F.; Wang, L.; Lee, J.Y. ; Zhao, X.S.