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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Nov-2013Independent and additive effects of glutamic acid and methionine on yeast longevityWu, Z.; Song, L.; Liu, S.Q. ; Huang, D. 
Nov-2013Inhibiting enzymatic starch digestion by the phenolic compound diboside A: A mechanistic and in silico studyLiu, T.; Yip, Y.M.; Song, L.; Feng, S.; Liu, Y.; Lai, F.; Zhang, D.; Huang, D. 
Mar-2012Molecular weight and crystallinity alteration of cellulose via prolonged ultrasound fragmentationWong, S.-S.; Kasapis, S.; Huang, D. 
Feb-2013New arahypins isolated from fungal-challenged peanut seeds and their glucose uptake-stimulatory activity in 3T3-L1 adipocytesLiu, Z.; Wu, J.; Huang, D. 
1-May-2013New stilbenoids isolated from fungus-challenged black skin peanut seeds and their adipogenesis inhibitory activity in 3T3-L1 cellsLiu, Z.; Wu, J.; Huang, D. 
10-Apr-2013Nickel(II) dithiocarbamate complexes containing sulforhodamine B as fluorescent probes for selective detection of nitrogen dioxideYan, Y.; Krishnakumar, S.; Yu, H.; Ramishetti, S.; Deng, L.-W.; Wang, S.; Huang, L.; Huang, D. 
26-Aug-2009Nitric oxide switches on the photoluminescence of molecularly engineered quantum dotsWang, S. ; Han, M.-Y. ; Huang, D. 
20-Dec-2017Non-Linear Quantitative Structure–Activity Relationships Modelling, Mechanistic Study and In-Silico Design of Flavonoids as Potent AntioxidantsPetar Zuvela ; Jonathan David; Xin Yang; Dejian Huang ; Ming Wah Wong 
8-Apr-2009Novel high-throughput assay for antioxidant capacity against superoxide anionZhang, L.; Huang, D. ; Kondo, M.; Fan, E.; Ji, H.; Kou, Y.; Ou, B.
12-Nov-2008Novel process of fermenting black soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill] yogurt with dramatically reduced flatulence-causing oligosaccharides but enriched soy phytoalexinsFeng, S.; Saw, C.L.; Lee, Y.K.; Huang, D. 
2008Novel process of fermenting black soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill] yogurt with dramatically reduced flatulence-causing oligosaccharides but enriched soy phytoalexinsFeng, S. ; Saw, C.L.; Huang, D. ; Lee, Y.K. 
1-Apr-2010Novel sulfation of curdlan assisted by ultrasonicationWong, S.-S.; Ngiam, Z.R.J.; Kasapis, S.; Huang, D. 
19-Sep-2007Oligomeric proanthocyanidins from mangosteen pericarpsFu, C.; Loo, A.E.K.; Chia, F.P.P.; Huang, D. 
1-Jun-2009One-pot depolymerizative extraction of proanthocyanidins from mangosteen pericarpsChen, W. ; Fu, C.; Qin, Y.; Huang, D. 
7-Jan-2014Oxidative cleavage-based near-infrared fluorescent probe for hypochlorous acid detection and myeloperoxidase activity evaluationSun, M.; Yu, H.; Zhu, H.; Ma, F.; Zhang, S.; Huang, D. ; Wang, S.
22-Oct-2008Peroxyl radical scavenging capacity, polyphenolics, and lipophilic antioxidant profiles of mulberry fruits cultivated in southern ChinaIsabelle, M.; Bee, L.L.; Choon, N.O. ; Liu, X.; Huang, D. 
1-Nov-2006Phytochemical and nutrient composition of the freeze-dried amazonian palm berry, Euterpe oleraceae Mart. (Acai)Schauss, A.G.; Wu, X.; Prior, R.L.; Ou, B.; Patel, D.; Huang, D. ; Kababick, J.P.
15-Nov-2011Polyphenolic antioxidant profiles of yellow camelliaSong, L.; Wang, X.; Zheng, X.; Huang, D. 
27-Jan-2011Polyphenols-rich Vernonia amygdalina shows anti-diabetic effects in streptozotocin-induced diabetic ratsOng, K.W.; Hsu, A.; Song, L.; Huang, D. ; Tan, B.K.H.
2009Positively charged and pH self-buffering quantum dots for efficient cellular uptake by charge mediation and monitoring cell membrane permeabilityWang, S. ; Song, H. ; Huang, D. ; Ong, W.Y. ; Han, M.Y.