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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Microchannel electrophoretic separation of biogenic amines by micellar electrokinetic chromatographyRodríguez, I.; Lee, H.K. ; Li, S.F.Y. 
2009Microchip capillary electrophoresis.Tay, E.T.; Law, W.S. ; Li, S.F. ; Kricka, L.J.
2001Microgravimetric DNA sensor based on quartz crystal microbalance: Comparison of oligonucleotide immobilization methods and the application in genetic diagnosisZhou, X.C.; Huang, L.Q. ; Li, S.F.Y. 
1995Migration behaviour of alkali and alkaline-earth metal ion-EDTA complexes and quantitative analysis of magnesium in real samples by capillary electrophoresis with indirect ultraviolet detectionWang, T.; Li, S.F.Y. 
18-Oct-1991Migration behaviour of catechols and catecholamines in capillary electrophoresisOng, C.P. ; Pang, S.F.; Low, S.P.; Lee, H.K. ; Li, S.F.Y. 
Jul-2005Miniaturized detection technology in molecular diagnosticsKricka, L.J.; Park, J.Y.; Li, S.F.Y. ; Fortina, P.
1-Jun-1998Minimization of Sample Discrimination Introduced by On-Column Fracture/Electrokinetic Injection in Capillary ElectrophoresisWei, H.; Ang, K.C.; Li, S.F.Y. 
26-Sep-2003Modified field amplification sample injection for micellar electrokinetic chromatography of neutral compounds with amino-substituted cyclodextrin as carrier and 1-adamantanecarboxylate as displacerWang, T.; Yuan, L.; Li, S.F.Y. 
15-Apr-2010Molecular aptamer beacon for myotonic dystrophy kinase-related Cdc42-binding kinase αTok, J.; Lai, J.; Leung, T.; Li, S.F.Y. 
15-Apr-2010Molecular aptamer beacon for myotonic dystrophy kinase-related Cdc42-binding kinase αTok, J.; Lai, J.; Leung, T.; Li, S.F.Y. 
30-Mar-2000Molecular-scale interface engineering for polymer light-emitting diodesHo, P.K.H.; Kim, J.I.-S.; Burroughes, J.H.; Becker, H.; Li, S.F.Y. ; Brown, T.M.; Cacialli, F.; Friend, R.H.
Sep-1989Mutual diffusion coefficients for two n-octane isomers in n-heptaneLi, S.F.Y. ; Wakeham, W.A.
1-Sep-2003Nanoporous low-κ polyimide films prepared from poly(amic acid)s with grafted poly(methylmethacrylate)/poly(acrylamide) side chainsFu, G.D.; Wang, W.C.; Li, S. ; Kang, E.T. ; Neoh, K.G. ; Tseng, W.T.; Liaw, D.J.
Feb-2006Nanotechnologic nutraceuticals: Nurturing or nefarious? [3]Park, J.Y.; Li, S.F.Y. ; Kricka, L.J.
Nov-1998New Series of Blue-Light-Emitting Polymers Constituted of 3-Alkylthiophenes and 1,4-Di(1,3,4-oxadiazolyl)phenyleneHuang, W. ; Yu, W.-L. ; Meng, H.; Pei, J. ; Li, S.F.Y. 
Jan-2014NMR-based metabolomics and LC-MS/MS quantification reveal metal-specific tolerance and redox homeostasis in Chlorella vulgarisZhang, W.; Tan, N.G.J.; Li, S.F.Y. 
Sep-1998Nonaqueous capillary zone electrophoresis for separation of free fatty acids with indirect fluorescence detectionWang, T.; Wei, H.; Li, S.F.Y. 
1999Novel method for synthesis of γ-lithium vanadium oxide as cathode materials in lithium ion batteriesDai, J.; Li, S.F.Y. ; Gao, Z. ; Siow, K.S. 
2011Novel microbial fuel cell based biosensor for continuous measurement of BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) in wastewaterKharkwal, S. ; Lu, M.; Ng, H.Y. ; Li, S.F.Y. 
Oct-2012Novel sensor for simultaneous determination of K + and Na + using Prussian blue pencil graphite electrodeAng, J.Q.; Li, S.F.Y.