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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013RBF-based compensation method on displacement and thermal errorTan, K.K. ; Yang, R. ; Er, P.V.; Tay, A. ; Teo, C.S.
2005Real-time control of photoresist absorption coefficient uniformityTay, A. ; Ho, W.-K. ; Wu, X.; Tsai, K.-Y.
2005Real-time control of photoresist development processTay, A. ; Ho, W.-K. ; Kiew, C.-M.; Zhou, Y.; Lee, J.H.
Jan-2007Real-time control of photoresist extinction coefficient uniformity in the microlithography processTay, A. ; Ho, W.K. ; Wu, X.
2008Real-time estimation and control of CD uniformity in lithographyTay, A. 
2007Real-time estimation and control of photoresist properties in microlithographyWu, X.; Tay, A. ; Ho, W.K. ; Tan, K.K. 
2006Real-time monitoring of photoresist thickness contour in microlithographyHo, W.K. ; Chen, X.; Wu, X.; Tay, A. 
2007Real-time spatial control of photoresist development rateTay, A. ; Ho, W.-K. ; Hu, N.; Kiew, C.-M.; Tsai, K.-Y.
2006Real-time spatial control of steady-state wafer temperature during thermal processing in microlithographyTay, A. ; Ho, W.-K. ; Hu, N.; Tsai, K.-Y.; Zhou, Y.
2018Regression analysis of gait parameters and mobility measures in a healthy cohort for subject-specific normative valuesMikos V. ; Yen S.-C. ; Tay A. ; Heng C.-H. ; Chung C.L.H.; Liew S.H.X.; Tan D.M.L. ; Au W.L. 
Aug-2002Resist film uniformity in the microlithography processHo, W.K. ; Lee, L.L.; Tay, A. ; Schaper, C.
2006Robust real-time thin film thickness estimationKiew, C.M.; Tay, A. ; Ho, W.K. ; Lim, K.W. ; Lee, J.H.
2002Run-to-run process control for chemical mechanical polishing in semiconductor manufacturingDa, L.; Kumar, V.G.; Tay, A. ; Al Mamun, A. ; Ho, W.K. ; See, A.; Chan, L.
20-Oct-2004Searching oligo sets of human chromosome 12 using evolutionary strategiesJoe, Y.-Y.; Tay, A. ; Dong, Z.-Y.; Ng, H.-H. ; Xu, H.
May-2006Simple tilt and height location monitoring of wafersNg, T.W. ; Tay, A. ; Ong, C.J.
2015Singapore Tele-technology Aided Rehabilitation in Stroke (STARS) trial: Protocol of a randomized clinical trial on tele-rehabilitation for stroke patientsKoh G.C.-H. ; Yen S.C. ; Tay A. ; Cheong A.; Ng Y.S.; De Silva D.A.; Png C.; Caves K.; Koh K.; Kumar Y.; Phan S.W.; Tai B.C. ; Chen C.; Chew E.; Chao Z.; Chua C.E.; Koh Y.S.; Hoenig H.
2001Spatially-programmable thermal processing module for 300 mm wafer processingTay, A. ; Khiang Wee Lim; Ai Poh Loh; Woei Wan Tan; Weng Khuen Ho; Huang, A. ; Fu, J. 
15-Jan-2009Spot focus size effect in spectroscopic ellipsometry of thin filmsNg, T.W.; Tay, A. ; Wang, Y.
2013Study of web guide slippage phenomena in roll-to-roll embossing systeTan, H.; Wenjing, M.; Binglu, D.; Loong, C.S.; Meng, K.C.; Tay, A. 
Feb-2007Temperature control and in situ fault detection of wafer warpageHo, W.K. ; Yap, C. ; Tay, A. ; Chen, W.; Zhou, Y.; Tan, W.W. ; Chen, M.