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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Mackey-glass based communication scheme: System security analysisMahendra, C.; Puthusserypady K, S. 
2005Multilayer Perceptrons for the classification of Brain Computer Interface dataBalakrishnan, D.; Puthusserypady, S. 
Nov-2006Multiuser receiver for DS-CDMA signals in multipath channels: An enhanced multisurface methodMahendra, C.; Puthusserypady, S. 
2006NARX neural networks for dynamical modelling of fMRI dataLuo, H.; Puthusserypady, S. 
2004Neural networks for fMRI spatio-temporal analysisHuaien, L.; Puthusseiypady, S. 
16-Mar-2004Nonlinear analysis of EEG signals at different mental statesNatarajan, K.; Acharya, U.R.; Alias, F.; Tiboleng, T.; Puthusserypady, S.K. 
2004Nonlinear analysis of EMG signals - A chaotic approachPadmanabhan, P.; Puthusserypady, S. 
2002Nonlinear blind interference cancellation with an approximate newton algorithm for DS-CDMA systemLinlin, G.; Puthusserypady, S. 
2003Parallel interference cancellation scheme based on adaptive MMSE detector for DS-CDMA systemsLin, D.; Puthusserypady, S. 
Sep-2006Performance analysis of nonlinear-predictive-filter-based chaotic synchronizationKurian, A.P.; Puthusserypady, S. 
Oct-2004Performance analysis of volterra-based nonlinear adaptive blind multiuser detectors for ds-cdma systemsLiniin, G.; Puthusserypady, S. 
May-2005Performance enhancement of DS/CDMA system using chaotic complex spreading sequenceKurian, A.P.; Puthusserypady, S. ; Htut, S.M.
Aug-2005Postprocessing methods for finding the embedding dimension of chaotic time seriesPor, L.T.; Puthusserypady, S. 
Sep-2006Robust adaptive techniques for minimization of EOG artefacts from EEG signalsPuthusserypady, S. ; Ratnarajah, T.
Mar-2006Secure digital communication using chaotic symbolic dynamicsKurian, A.P.; Puthusserypady, S. 
Oct-2008Self-synchronizing chaotic stream ciphersKurian, A.P.; Puthusserypady, S. 
2009Semi-blind channel estimation for space-time coded amplify-and-forward relay networksLu, Y.; Gao, F.; Sadasivan, P. ; Nallanathan, A.
Apr-2006Spatio-temporal modeling and analysis of fMRI data using NARX neural networkLuo, H.; Puthusserypady, S. 
Apr-2005The Eye-Care PCPaulin, C.Y.Y.; Puthusserypady, S. ; Tan, L.S.
2006Unscented Kalman filter and particle filter for chaotic synchronizationKurian, A.P.; Puthusserypady, S.