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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2013Ballistic learning control: Formulation, analysis and convergenceXu, J. ; Huang, D.; Wang, W.
Aug-2013Biological modeling of complex chemotaxis behaviors for C. elegans under speed regulation - A dynamic neural networks approachXu, J.-X. ; Deng, X.
2010Biological neural network based chemotaxis behaviors modeling of C. elegansXu, J.-X. ; Deng, X.
2010Classification of musical styles using liquid state machinesJu, H.; Xu, J.-X. ; Vandongen, A.M.J. 
2009Classification of self-paced finger movements with EEG signals using neural network and evolutionary approachesLiyanage, S.R.; Xu, J.-X. ; Guan, C.; Ang, K.K.; Zhang, C.S.; Lee, T.H. 
2012Collision-free motion planning for an Anguilliform robotic fishXu, J.-X. ; Niu, X.-L.; Ren, Q.-Y.; Wang, Q.-G. 
1994Combined adaptive and fuzzy control using multiple modelsXu, Jian-Xin ; Liu, Chen; Hang, Chang C. 
Sep-2003Comments on "A Composite Energy Function-Based Learning Control Approach for Nonlinear Systems with Time-Varying Parametric Uncertainties"Dixon, W.E.; Chen, J.; Xu, J.-X. ; Tan, Y.
Apr-2006Comments on "asymptotic state tracking in a class of nonlinear systems via learning-based inversion"Xu, J.-X. ; Xu, J. 
2001Comparative studies on repeatable runout compensation using iterative learning controlXu, J.-X. ; Lee, T.H. ; Zhang, H.-W. 
2012Complex chemotaxis behaviors of C. elegans with speed regulation achieved by dynamic neural networksXu, J.-X. ; Deng, X.
2014Composite energy function-based iterative learning control for systems with nonparametric uncertaintiesXu, J.-X. ; Jin, X.; Huang, D.
2013Consensus based approach for economic dispatch problem in a smart gridYang, S.; Tan, S.; Xu, J.-X. 
1996Constrained multiobjective global optimisation of longitudinal interconnected power system by genetic algorithmXu, J.X. ; Chang, C.S. ; Wang, X.W.
2004Constructive learning control based on function approximation and waveletXu, J.-X. ; Yan, R.
1-Aug-2014Contact-induced vibration in dual-stage hard disk drive servo systems and its compensator designHuang, D.; Venkataramanan, V.; Xu, J.-X. ; Huynh, T.C.T.
2013Contact-induced vibration in dual-stage HDD servo systems and its compensation using PQ method and peak filtersVenkataramanan, V.; Xu, J.X. ; Huang, D.; Tuong, H.T.C.
2010Continuous health assessment using a single Hidden Markov modelGeramifard, O.; Xu, J.-X. ; Zhou, J.H.; Li, X.
2011Continuous health condition monitoring: A single Hidden Semi-Markov Model approachGeramifard, O.; Xu, J.-X. ; Zhou, J.-H.; Li, X.
2005Control of high performance DC-AC inverters using frequency domain based repetitive controlWei, W.; Panda, S.K. ; Xu, J.-X.