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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A CASD/CASM method for prosthetic socket fabrication using the FDM technologyTay, F.E.H. ; Manna, M.A. ; Liu, L.X.
2002A comparison of grinding forces arising from oscillating workpiece speed and chip thicknessQueshi, R.A.; Mannan, M.A. ; Drew, S.J.; Stone, B.J.
2005A composite B-spline method for cutter path generation on free-form surfacesTaosheng, Z.; Wong, Y.S. ; Mannan, M.A. 
1997A force-controlled clamping element for intelligent fixturingMannan, M.A. ; Sollie, J.P.
2001A WWW-based Course Structure for Teaching a Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer CourseRidwan, M.; Yap, C. ; Mannan, M.A. 
24-Jun-2002Accounting for constraint effects in fracture mechanics analysis of floating production, storage and off-loading vessels and shipsTronskar, J.P.; Mannan, M.A. ; Lai, M.O. 
Feb-2003Adaptive iso-planar tool path generation for machining of free-form surfacesDing, S.; Mannan, M.A. ; Poo, A.N. ; Yang, D.C.H. ; Han, Z.
2002Al-based classification methodologies for the modelling of machine tool thermal errorRamesh, R.; Mannan, M.A. ; Poo, A.N. 
8-Sep-1999An investigation of in-process measurement of ground surfaces in the presence of vibrationDrew, S.J.; Mannan, M.A. ; Ong, K.L.; Stone, B.J.
May-2003Application of acoustic emission for measuring crack initiation toughness in instrumented charpy impact testingTronskar, J.P.; Mannan, M.A. ; Lai, M.O. 
Oct-2000Application of image and sound analysis techniques to monitor the condition of cutting toolsMannan, M.A. ; Kassim, A.A. ; Jing, M.
2006Comparison of surface roughness and residual stresses induced by coated carbide, ceramic and CBN cutting tools in high speed facing of Inconel 718Arunachalam, R.M.; Mannan, M.A. ; Spowage, A.C.
Sep-2004Connectivity oriented fast Hough transform for tool wear monitoringKassim, A.A. ; Mian, Z.; Mannan, M.A. 
Aug-2003Correlation between quasi-static and dynamic crack resistance curvesTronskar, J.P.; Mannan, M.A. ; Lai, M.O. 
Jul-2003Crack tip constraint correction applied to probabilistic fracture mechanics analyses of floating production, storage and off-loading vesselsTronskar, J.P.; Mannan, M.A. ; Lai, M.O. ; Sigurdsson, G.; Halsen, K.O.
2004Development of an in-situ machine tool axis positioning accuracy measurement deviceRamesh, R.; Mannan, M.A. ; Poo, A.N. 
2002Development of an Interactive Multimedia Teaching Package for a Course on MetalworkingOng, S.K.; Mannan, M.A. 
19-May-1999Effects of torsional vibration on chatter in grindingMannan, M.A. ; Fan, W.T.; Stone, B.J.
Apr-2001Electro-hydraulic proportional control of twin-cylinder hydraulic elevatorsLi, K.; Mannan, M.A. ; Xu, M.; Xiao, Z.
2003Experimental Modelling of Cutting Forces as a Function of Tool Wear in End MillingOng, P.K.L.; Mannan, M.A.