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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Nov-2013Controlled growth of large-area high-performance small-molecule organic single-crystalline transistors by slot-die coating using a mixed solvent systemChang, J.; Chi, C. ; Zhang, J.; Wu, J. 
15-Mar-2013Cyanated diazatetracene diimides with ultrahigh electron affinity for n-channel field effect transistorsYe, Q.; Chang, J.; Huang, K.-W.; Shi, X.; Wu, J. ; Chi, C. 
2014Dianthraceno[a,e]pentalenes: Synthesis, crystallographic structures and applications in organic field-effect transistorsDai, Gaole ; Chang, Jinging ; Zhang, Wenhua ; Bai, Shiqiang ; Huang, Kuo-Wei ; Xu, Jianwei ; Chi, Chunyan 
4-Dec-2013Dibenzoheptazethrene isomers with different biradical characters: An exercise of clar's aromatic sextet rule in singlet biradicaloidsSun, Z.; Lee, S.; Park, K.H.; Zhu, X.; Zhang, W.; Zheng, B.; Hu, P.; Zeng, Z.; Das, S.; Li, Y.; Chi, C. ; Li, R.-W.; Huang, K.-W.; Ding, J. ; Kim, D.; Wu, J. 
1-Jan-2010Dicarboxylic imide-substituted poly(p-phenylene vinylenes) with high electron affinityQu, H.; Luo, J. ; Zhang, X. ; Chi, C. 
21-Oct-2012Dithieno-naphthalimide based copolymers for air-stable field effect transistors: Synthesis, characterization and device performanceDai, G.; Chang, J.; Wu, J. ; Chi, C. 
21-Jan-2011Doubly and triply linked porphyrin-perylene monoimides as near IR dyes with large dipole moments and high photostabilityJiao, C.; Huang, K.-W.; Chi, C. ; Wu, J. 
8-Jun-2009Efficient preparation of separable pseudo[n]rotaxanes by selective threading of oligoalkylammonium salts with cucurbit[7]urilYin, J. ; Chi, C. ; Wu, J. 
2010Efficient synthesis of a hetero[4]rotaxane by a threading-stoppering- followed-by-clipping approachYin, J. ; Chi, C. ; Wu, J. 
16-Jul-2009Electron-deficient triphenylene and trinaphthylene carboximidesYin, J. ; Qu, H.; Zhang, K. ; Luo, J. ; Zhang, X. ; Chi, C. ; Wu, J. 
16-Jul-2018Formation of a Macrocycles-in-a-Macrocycle Superstructure with All-gauche Conformation by Reversible Radical AssociationYuan, Liu ; Han, Yi ; Tao, Tao; Phan, Hoa ; Chi, Chunyan 
7-Apr-2020Formation of Azulene-Embedded Nanographene: Naphthalene to Azulene Rearrangement During the Scholl ReactionHan, Yi; Xue, Zibo; LI GUANGWU ; GU YANWEI ; NI YONG ; DONG SHAOQIANG ; CHI CHUNYAN 
21-Dec-2012Functionalized coronenes: Synthesis, solid structure, and propertiesWu, D.; Zhang, H.; Liang, J.; Ge, H.; Chi, C. ; Wu, J. ; Liu, S.H.; Yin, J.
3-Sep-2010Fused bispentacenequinone and its unexpected Michael additionZhang, X. ; Li, J.; Qu, H.; Chi, C. ; Wu, J. 
Oct-2010Graphene oxide/ferric hydroxide composites for efficient arsenate removal from drinking waterZhang, K. ; Dwivedi, V.; Chi, C. ; Wu, J. 
17-Dec-2010H-shaped oligothiophenes with low band gaps and amphoteric redox propertiesLuo, J. ; Huang, K.-W.; Qu, H.; Zhang, X. ; Zhu, L.; Chan, H.S.O. ; Chi, C. 
1-Jun-2012Incorporating TCNQ into thiophene-fused heptacene for n-channel field effect transistorYe, Q.; Chang, J.; Huang, K.-W.; Dai, G.; Zhang, J.; Chen, Z.-K.; Wu, J. ; Chi, C. 
14-Jul-2012Large core-expanded triazatruxene-based discotic liquid crystals: Synthesis, characterization and physical propertiesYe, Q.; Chang, J.; Shao, J.; Chi, C. 
20-Jan-2012Large-size linear and star-shaped dihydropyrazine fused pyrazinacenesTong, C.; Zhao, W.; Luo, J. ; Mao, H. ; Chen, W. ; Chan, H.S.O. ; Chi, C. 
21-Sep-2012Linear and star-shaped pyrazine-containing acene dicarboximides with high electron-affinityShao, J.; Chang, J.; Chi, C.