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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2005Paths of Contestation and Neglect: Positioning Postwar Student Political Activism in SingaporeHuang, Jianli 
1996Politics of Depoliticization: Policy on the Wartime Expansion of the Guomindang Youth Corps into SchoolsHuang, Jianli 
2009Portable histories in mobile city Singapore: The (lack)lustre of Admiral Zheng HeLysa, H.; Jianli, H. 
Jul-2009Portable Histories in Mobile City Singapore: The (Lack)lustre of Admiral Zheng HeHUANG, J ; Hong Lysa
Sep-2006Positioning the student political activism of Singapore: articulation, contestation and omissionHuang, Jianli 
2003Power and Identity in the Chinese World Order: Festschrift in Honour of Professor Wang GungwuSo, Billy K.L.; Fitzgerald, John; Huang, Jianli ; Chin, James K.
Sep-2006Predicaments in Capturing and Framing the Past: Student Politics of the YesteryearHuang, Jianli 
2003Reflections on Chinese Diaspora Culture: The Tiger Balm Gardens in Singapore and Hong KongHuang, Jianli 
Aug-2002Reflections on the Fabric of Chinese Society and Governance: Family, Imperial System and Mandate of HeavenHuang, Jianli 
2007Remembering World War II: Legacies of the War Fought in ChinaHuang, Jianli 
Nov-2008Representations in the Chinese Diaspora: Imagery of Lee Kong ChianHuang, Jianli 
1-Jan-2014Resurgent spirits of civil society activism: Rediscovering the bukit brown cemetery in SingaporeJianli, H 
Dec-2009Riding the Waves of the Global and Local: Configuring the Zheng He Heritage in the City State of SingaporeHuang, Jianli 
Dec-2009Shenfen rentong de zhuanyi: Nanyang qiyejia Li Guangqian sanzhong xingxiang de jiangou 身份认同的转移:南洋企业家李光前三种形象的建构 [Shifting Identity Formation: Three Portraits of Nanyang Entrepreneur Lee Kong Chian]HUANG, J 
2010Shifting Culture and Identity: Three Portraits of Singapore Entrepreneur Lee Kong Chian (1893-1967)Huang, Jianli 
Jun-2009Shifting Culture and Identity: Three Portraits of Singapore Entrepreneur Lee Kong Chian (1893-1967)Huang, Jianli 
9-Jun-2004Singapore as an International Hub for Southeast Asian StudiesHuang, Jianli 
2008Southeast Asian studies in ChinaHuang, Jianli 
1-Jan-2018Stamford Raffles and the 'founding' of Singapore: The politics of commemoration and dilemmas of historyJianli, H 
1995Student Nationalism in China, 1924-1949Huang, Jianli