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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jun-2017SGBS cells as a model of human adipocyte browning: A comprehensive comparative study with primary human white subcutaneous adipocytesYeo C.R.; Agrawal M.; Hoon S.; Shabbir A. ; Shrivastava M.K.; Huang S.; Khoo C.M.; Chhay V.; Yassin M.S.; Tai E.S.; Vidal-Puig A.; Toh S.-A.
1-Jun-2017The early effect of laporascopic sleeve gastrectomy on taste change in a multiethnic Asian cohortNaseer F.; Lim S.L.; So J.B.Y. ; Lomanto D. ; Er P.S.Y.; Shen L.; Kim G.; Shabbir A. 
2016The transcription factor SOX6 contributes to the developmental origins of obesity by promoting adipogenesisLeow Shi Chi; Jeremie Poschmann; Peh Gek Too; Juan Yin; Roy Joseph; Craig McFarlane; Shaillay Dogra; Asim Shabbir ; Philip W. Ingham; Shyam Prabhakar; Melvin K. S. Leow; Lee Yung Seng ; Ng Kai Lyn; Yap Seng Chong ; Gluckman Peter D. ; Walter Stunkel
17-Jan-2017Totally extra-peritoneal repair for acute incarcerated femoral hernia with intestinal obstructionKim G.; Yan So J.B. ; Shabbir A. 
1-Aug-2017TRP channels in brown and white adipogenesis from human progenitors: new therapeutic targets and the caveats associated with the common antibiotic, streptomycinGoralczyk A.; Vijven M.V.; Koch M.; Badowski C.; Yassin M.S.; Toh S.-A.; Shabbir A. ; Franco-Obreg�n A. ; Raghunath M.
1-May-2017Upregulation of thioredoxin-1 in activated human NK cells confers increased tolerance to oxidative stressMimura K.; Kua L.-F.; Shimasaki N.; Shiraishi K.; Nakajima S.; Siang L.K.; Shabbir A. ; So J. ; Yong W.-P.; Kono K.
20170719VATS hand sewn intrathoracic esophagogastric anastomosisAgasthian T; Shabbir A.