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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Mar-2010Mercury-induced hepatotoxicity in zebrafish: In vivo mechanistic insights from transcriptome analysis, phenotype anchoring and targeted gene expression validationUng, C.Y. ; Lam, S.H. ; Hlaing, M.M. ; Winata, C.L. ; Korzh, S. ; Mathavan, S.; Gong, Z. 
2008Requirement of vasculogenesis and blood circulation in late stages of liver growth in zebrafishKorzh, S. ; Pan, X. ; Garcia-Lecea, M.; Winata, C.L. ; Pan, X.; Wohland, T. ; Korzh, V. ; Gong, Z. 
15-Nov-2011The interaction of epithelial Ihha and mesenchymal Fgf10 in zebrafish esophageal and swimbladder developmentKorzh, S. ; Winata, C.L. ; Zheng, W.; Yang, S.; Yin, A.; Ingham, P.; Korzh, V. ; Gong, Z. 
2010The role of vasculature and blood circulation in zebrafish swimbladder developmentWinata, C.L. ; Korzh, S. ; Kondrychyn, I.; Korzh, V. ; Gong, Z. 
27-Nov-2006Transcriptome kinetics of arsenic-induced adaptive response in zebrafish liverSiew, H.L. ; Winata, C.L. ; Tong, Y. ; Korzh, S. ; Wen, S.L.; Korzh, V. ; Spitsbergen, J.; Mathavan, S.; Miller, L.D.; Liu, E.T.; Gong, Z. 
2011Wnt signaling is required for early development of zebrafish swimbladderYin, A.; Korzh, S. ; Winata, C.L. ; Korzh, V. ; Gong, Z. 
Mar-2008Zebrafish cdx1b regulates expression of downstream factors of Nodal signaling during early endoderm formationCheng, P.-Y.; Lin, C.-C.; Wu, C.-S.; Lu, Y.-F.; Lin, C.Y.; Chung, C.-C.; Chu, C.-Y.; Huang, C.-J.; Tsai, C.-Y.; Korzh, S. ; Wu, J.-L.; Hwang, S.-P.L.