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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Development of high permeability nanocrystalline ferromagnetic materials by pulse platingLi, X.P. ; Seet, H.L. ; Zhao, Z.J. ; Kong, Y.K.
15-May-2005Development of high permeability nanocrystalline permalloy by electrodepositionSeet, H.L. ; Li, X.P. ; Zhao, Z.J. ; Kong, Y.K.; Zheng, H.M.; Ng, W.C. 
18-May-2006Development of micro Ni80Fe20/Cu composite wire by cold-drawingSeet, H.L. ; Li, X.P. ; Lee, K.S. ; Yap, C.S.; Zheng, H.M.
31-Jan-2008Development of Ni80Fe20/Cu nanocrystalline composite wires by pulse-reverse electrodepositionSeet, H.L. ; Li, X.P. ; Ng, W.C. ; Chia, H.Y.; Zheng, H.M.; Lee, K.S. 
2012Diffusion in annealing of nanocrystalline Ni80Fe20/Cu composite wiresSeet, H.L. ; Ong, M.J.; Lee, K.S. ; Yi, J.B. ; Li, X.P. 
2007Effect of annealing on the magnetic properties and performance of cold-drawn micro Ni80Fe20/Cu wires in magnetic sensorsSeet, H.L. ; Li, X.P. ; Lee, K.S. ; Yee, K.Y.; Liang, L.Q.; Yi, J.B. 
31-Jan-2008Effect of deposition methods on the magnetic properties of nanocrystalline permalloySeet, H.L. ; Li, X.P. ; Yi, J.B. ; Ooi, W.Y.; Lee, K.S. 
15-Nov-2003Effect of magnetic field on the magnetic properties of electroplated NiFe/Cu composite wiresLi, X.P. ; Zhao, Z.J. ; Seet, H.L. ; Heng, W.M.; Oh, T.B.; Lee, J.Y. 
2005Effect of magnetic field on the magnetic structure of nanocrystalline electroplated NiFe layersLi, X.P. ; Zhao, Z.J. ; Oh, T.B.; Seet, H.L. 
Jun-2007Effect of sputtered seed layer on electrodeposited NiFe/Cu composite wiresLi, X.P. ; Yi, J.B. ; Seet, H.L. ; Yin, J.H.; Thongmee, S. ; Ding, J. 
1-May-2009Effects of femtosecond laser ablation on Vitrovac 6025XTan, L.S. ; Seet, H.L. ; Hong, M.H. ; Li, X.P. 
Sep-2006Electrodeposition and characteristics of Ni80Fe20/Cu composite wiresLi, X.P. ; Seet, H.L. ; Fan, J. ; Yi, J.B. 
1-Oct-2007Electrodeposition of Ni-Fe micro-pillars using laser drilled templatesSeet, H.L. ; Li, X.P. ; Hong, M.H.; Lee, K.S. ; Teh, K.H.; Teo, H.H.
15-Dec-2003Enhancement of giant magnetoimpedance effect of electroplated NiFe/Cu composite wires by dc Joule annealingLi, X.P. ; Zhao, Z.J. ; Chua, C.; Seet, H.L. ; Lu, L. 
Oct-2000Geometrical error compensation of precision motion systems using radial basis functionTan, K.K. ; Huang, S.N. ; Seet, H.L. 
Oct-2000Geometrical error compensation of precision motion systems using radial basis functionTan, K.K. ; Huang, S.N. ; Seet, H.L. 
Dec-2008GIant magneto-impedance effect of magnetron sputtered Ni 80Fe20/Cu Composite WiresZhang, Q.; Mao, Q.M.; Ruan, J.Z.; Wang, Q.J.; Yang, X.L.; Zhao, Z.J.; Seet, H.L. ; Li, X.P. 
1-May-2009Laser-drilled PVC template for electrodeposition of multi-core orthogonal fluxgate sensing elementSeet, H.L. ; Tan, L.S. ; Hong, M.H. ; Lee, K.S. ; Teo, H.H.; Lui, C.H.; Li, X.P. 
2007Magnetic properties and magneto-impedance effect of CoNiFe/Cu composite wires by electroplatingYi, J.B. ; Li, X.P. ; Ding, J. ; Koh, C.M.; Thongmee, S. ; Seet, H.L. 
31-Jan-2008Magnetic properties of high permeability NiFeMo/Cu composite wiresSeet, H.L. ; Li, X.P. ; Neo, H.J.; Lee, K.S.