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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-May-2001InCl3-Catalyzed direct aldol reactions of glyoxylic acid monohydrate and glyoxylates with various ketones: Scope and limitationsLoh, T.-P. ; Feng, L.-C.; Wei, L.-L.
17-Oct-2002InCl3-catalyzed three-component asymmetric Mannich-type reaction in methanolLoh, T.-P. ; Chen, S.-L.
18-Feb-2004InCl3-Promoted Allylation of Aldehydes in Ionic Liquid: Scope and Enantioselectivity StudiesLu, J.; Ji, S.-J.; Qian, R.; Chen, J.-P.; Liu, Y.; Loh, T.-P. 
1996Indium trichloride (InCl3) catalysed Diels-Alder reaction in waterLoh, T.-P. ; Pei, J. ; Lin, M.
1996Indium trichloride catalysed Mukaiyama aldol reaction in waterLoh, T.-P. ; Pei, J. ; Cao, G.-Q. 
Sep-1998Indium trichloride-catalyzed conjugate addition of amines to α,β-ethylenic compounds in waterLoh, T.-P. ; Wei, L.-L.
Sep-1998Indium trichloride-catalyzed conjugate addition of amines to α,β-ethylenic compounds in waterLoh, T.-P. ; Wei, L.-L.
2-Apr-2004Indium trichloride-catalyzed indium-mediated allylation of dihydropyrans and dihydrofurans in waterJuan, S.; Hua, Z.-H.; Qi, S.; Ji, S.-J.; Loh, T.-P. 
Jun-1996Indium trichloride-promoted tin-mediated carbonyl allylation in water: High simple diastereo- and diastereofacial selectivityLi, X.-R. ; Loh, T.-P. 
Apr-1998Indium trifluoride - A Lewis acid catalyst for the addition of TMSCN to aldehydes in waterLoh, T.-P. ; Xu, K.-C. ; Ho, D.S.-C.; Sim, K.-Y. 
2002Indium(III) complex-catalyzed tandem carbonyl-ene reaction: An efficient construction of tetrahydropyran ringsLoh, T.-P. ; Feng, L.-C.; Yang, J.-Y.
27-Jan-2003Indium-mediated allylation of carbonyl compounds with an allylic bromide in aqueous media: Anomalous syn-diastereoselectivity regardless of allylic bromide geometryLoh, T.-P. ; Yin, Z.; Song, H.-Y.; Tan, K.-L.
2003Indium-mediated allylation reaction in aqueous media: Synthetic studies towards the total synthesis of dysiherbaineHuang, J.-M.; Xu, K.-C.; Loh, T.-P. 
2000Indium-mediated allylation: Application to the synthesis of 22-hydroxy steroidsLoh, T.-P. ; Hu, Q.-Y.; Vittal, J.J. 
13-Jan-2003Indium-mediated propargylation of aldehydes: Regioselectivity and enantioselectivity studiesLoh, T.-P. ; Lin, M.-J.; Tan, K.-L.
29-Oct-2003Indium-Mediated Reaction of Trialkylsilyl Propargyl Bromide with Aldehydes: Highly Regioselective Synthesis of Allenic and Homopropargylic AlcoholsLin, M.-J.; Loh, T.-P. 
25-Jun-1998Indium-trichloride catalyzed Michael reaction of silyl enol ethers with α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds under neat conditionLoh, T.-P. ; Wei, L.-L.
12-May-1997Indium-trichloride catalyzed Mukaiyama-aldol reaction in water: Solubility, aggregation and internal pressure effectLoh, T.-P. ; Pei, J. ; Koh, K.S.-V.; Cao, G.-Q. ; Li, X.-R. 
25-Nov-2002L-proline in an ionic liquid as an efficient and reusable catalyst for direct asymmetric aldol reactionsLoh, T.-P. ; Feng, L.-C.; Yang, H.-Y.; Yang, J.-Y.
1997Lanthanoid triflate-promoted indium- or zinc-mediated allylation of aminoaldehyde in aqueous media: Stereoselective route to β-aminoalcoholsLoh, T.-P. ; Wang, R.-B.; Tan, K.-L.; Sim, K.-Y.