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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2010Patterns of discharge antiplatelet therapy and late outcomes among 8,582 patients with bleeding during acute coronary syndrome: A pooled analysis from PURSUIT, PARAGON-A, PARAGON-B, and SYNERGYChan, M.Y. ; Sun, J.L.; Wang, T.Y.; Lopes, R.D.; Jolicoeur, M.E.; Pieper, K.S.; Rao, S.V.; Newby, L.K.; Mahaffey, K.W.; Harrington, R.A.; Peterson, E.D.
2013Plasma extra cellular vesicle protein content for diagnosis and prognosis of global cardiovascular diseaseWang, J.W ; Gijsberts, C.M; Seneviratna, A; De Hoog, V.C; Vrijenhoek, J.E.P; Schoneveld, A.H; Chan, M.Y ; Lam, C.S.P ; Richards, A.M ; Lee, C.N ; Mosterd, A; Sze, S.K; Timmers, L; Lim, S.K ; Pasterkamp, G; de Kleijn, D.P.V.
7-Nov-2012Platelet function during extended prasugrel and clopidogrel therapy for patients with ACS treated without revascularization: The TRILOGY ACS platelet function substudyGurbel, P.A.; Erlinge, D.; Ohman, E.M.; Neely, B.; Neely, M.; Goodman, S.G.; Huber, K.; Chan, M.Y. ; Cornel, J.H.; Brown, E.; Zhou, C.; Jakubowski, J.A.; White, H.D.; Fox, K.A.A.; Prabhakaran, D.; Armstrong, P.W.; Tantry, U.S.; Roe, M.T.
2011Safety of deferring revascularization in lesions with FFR>/=0.75 but a small IVUS-derived lumen areaJunagade, S; Chan, Yan Yee Mark ; Low, Fatt Hoe Adrian ; Teo, Swee Guan ; Richards, AM; Yeo, Tiong Cheng ; Tan, Huay Cheem ; Lee, C.-H. 
1-Jan-2020Shared reference materials harmonize lipidomics across MS-based detection platforms and laboratories[S]Triebl, Alexander ; Burla, Bo ; Selvalatchmanan, Jayashree; Oh, Jeongah ; Tan, Sock Hwee ; Chan, Mark Y ; Mellett, Natalie A; Meikle, Peter J; Torta, Federico; Wenk, Markus R 
2007Sirolimus-eluting, bioabsorbable polymer-coated constant stent (Cura??) in acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction: A clinical and angiographic study (CURAMI registry)Lee, Chi-Hang ; Lim, Tien Wei Jimmy; Low, Fatt Hoe Adrian ; Zhang, Xiao-Ling; Kyaing, Than-Than; Chan, Yan Yee Mark ; Wong, Hwee-Bee; Lim, Yean-Teng ; Tan, Huay-Cheem 
1-Mar-2014The Asia-Pacific Evaluation of Cardiovascular Therapies (ASPECT) Collaboration - Improving the quality of cardiovascular care in the Asia Pacific RegionReid, C.M.; Yan, B.; Wan Ahmad, W.A.; Bang, L.H.; Hian, S.K.; Chua, T.; Chan, M. ; Beltrame, J.; Duffy, S.J.; Brennan, A.; Ajani, A.
2016The ethnicity-specific association of biomarkers with the angiographic severity of coronary artery diseaseGijsberts, C.M; Seneviratna, A; Bank, I.E.M; den Ruijter, H.M; Asselbergs, F.W; Agostoni, P; Remijn, J.A; Pasterkamp, G; Kiat, H.C ; Roest, M; Richards, A.M ; Chan, M.Y ; de Kleijn, D.P.V; Hoefer, I.E
Jul-2012Translational platelet research in patients with coronary artery disease: What are the major knowledge gaps?Gurbel, P.A.; Roe, M.T.; Jakubowski, J.A.; Shah, S.; Erlinge, D.; Goodman, S.G.; Huber, K.; Chan, M.Y. ; Cornel, J.H.; Tantry, U.S.; Magnus Ohman, E.
31-Jul-2013Trends in clinical trials of non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndromes over 15 yearsChan, M.Y. ; Sun, J.-L.; Newby, L.K.; Lokhnygina, Y.; White, H.D.; Moliterno, D.J.; Théroux, P.; Ohman, E.M.; Simoons, M.L.; Mahaffey, K.W.; Pieper, K.S.; Giugliano, R.P.; Armstrong, P.W.; Califf, R.M.; Van De Werf, F.; Harrington, R.A.