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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Job Performance Over Time Is a Function of Latent Trajectories and Previous PerformanceZyphur, M.J. ; Chaturvedi, S.; Arvey, R.D. 
2012Meta-analysis and the development of knowledgeChan, M.E.; Arvey, R.D. 
2007Ratings of test fairness by human resource professionalsLandon, T.E.; Arvey, R.D. 
2009Rule breaking in adolescence and entrepreneurial status: An empirical investigationZhang, Z.; Arvey, R.D. 
Feb-2011The generalizability of leadership across activity domains and time periodsPark, K.W.; Arvey, R.D. ; Tong, Y.K.
2009The genetic basis of entrepreneurship: Effects of gender and personalityZhang, Z.; Zyphur, M.J.; Narayanan, J. ; Arvey, R.D. ; Chaturvedi, S.; Avolio, B.J.; Lichtenstein, P.; Larsson, G.
2009The genetics of economic risk preferencesZyphur, M.J.; Narayanan, J. ; Arvey, R.D. ; Alexander, G.J.
2012The heritability of emergent leadership: Age and gender as moderating factorsChaturvedi, S.; Zyphur, M.J.; Arvey, R.D. ; Avolio, B.J.; Larsson, G.
2011The influence of general mental ability, self-esteem and family socioeconomic status on leadership role occupancy and leader advancement: The moderating role of genderLi, W.-D.; Arvey, R.D. ; Song, Z. 
2011The role of forgivingness and anger in unfair eventsChan, M.E.; Arvey, R. 
Mar-2009Using a repeated-measures approach to validating personality tests in small samples: A feasibility study with implications for small businessesBing, M.N.; Davison, H.K.; Arvey, R.