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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Cognitive fatigue destabilizes economic decision making preferences and strategiesMullette-Gillman O.A. ; Leong R.L.F. ; Kurnianingsih Y.A. 
2015Divergence and convergence of risky decision making across prospective gains and losses: Preferences and strategiesKurnianingsih Y.A. ; Mullette-Gillman O.A. 
2014Manipulation detection and preference alterations in a choice blindness paradigmTaya F.; Gupta S.; Farber I.; Mullette-Gillman O.A. 
2015Modulation of incentivized dishonesty by disgust facial expressionsLim, J ; Ho, P.M; Mullette-Gillman, O.A 
2017Moral judgment modulation by disgust priming via altered fronto-temporal functional connectivityLim J. ; Kurnianingsih Y.A. ; Ong H.H.; Mullette-Gillman O.A. 
2016Neural mechanisms of the transformation from objective value to subjective utility: Converting from count to worthKurnianingsih Y.A. ; Mullette-Gillman O.A. 
2009Neural substrates of contingency learning and executive control: Dissociating physical, valuative, and behavioral changesMullette-Gillman, O.A ; Huettel, S.A
24-Oct-2011Seasonal variation of salivary testosterone in men, normally cycling women, and women using hormonal contraceptivesStanton, S.J.; Mullette-Gillman, O.A. ; Huettel, S.A.
2015Sleep deprivation alters choice strategy without altering uncertainty or loss aversion preferencesMullette-Gillman O.A. ; Kurnianingsih Y.A. ; Liu J.C.J.