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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Sediments deposited by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami along the Malaysia-Thailand PeninsulaHawkes, A.D.; Horton, B.P.; Bird, M.; Cowie, S.; Law, L.; Macgregor, C.; Robinson, R.; Grundy-Warr, C. ; Tan-Mullins, M.; Shau, Hwai A.T.; Yasin, Z.; Nott, J.; Ong, J.E.; Rigg, J.; Sa, T.T.; Aik, L.W.
2009Still vulnerable to killer tsunamisZiegler, A.D. ; Wong, P.P. ; Grundy-Warr, C. 
Jul-2012Tangled nets of discourse and turbines of development: Lower Mekong mainstream dam debatesYong, M.L.; Grundy-Warr, C. 
2005The Asian tsunami, academics and academic researchBuranakul, S.; Grundy-Warr, C. ; Tan-Mullins, M.; Horton, B.; Law, L.; Rigg, J.
Mar-2012The ecology of the Bithynia first intermediate hosts of Opisthorchis viverriniPetney, T.; Sithithaworn, P.; Andrews, R.; Kiatsopit, N.; Tesana, S.; Grundy-Warr, C. ; Ziegler, A. 
2005The Indian Ocean tsunami: Socio-economic impacts in ThailandRigg, J.; Law, L.; Tan-Mullins, M.; Grundy-Warr, C. 
2004The irregular migrant as Homo sacer: Migration and detention in Australia, Malaysia, and ThailandPrem, Kumar R. ; Grundy-Warr, C. 
1994Towards a political geography of United Nations peacekeeping: Some considerationsGrundy-Warr, C.E.R. 
2004Translating political geographiesSidaway, J.D. ; Bunnell, T. ; Grundy-Warr, C. ; Park, B.-G. ; Mohammad, R.; Saito, A.
2004Triangulating the borderless world: Geographies of power in the Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth TriangleSparke, M.; Sidaway, J.D. ; Bunnell, T. ; Grundy-Warr, C.