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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Perfect competition in asymmetric information economies: compatibility of efficiency and incentivesSun, Y. ; Yannelis, N.C.
1995Pure strategies in games with private informationKhan, M.A.; Sun, Y. 
2007Pure strategy equilibria in games with private and public informationFu, H.; Sun, Y. ; Yannelis, N.C.; Zhang, Z.
Aug-2009Purification and saturationLoeb, P.; Sun, Y. 
2006Purification of measure-valued mapsLoeb, P.; Sun, Y. 
Sep-2006Purification of measure-valued mapsLoeb, P.; Sun, Y. 
2008Saturation and the integration of Banach valued correspondencesSun, Y. ; Yannelis, N.C.
2008Similarity of differential information with subjective prior beliefsKhan, M.A.; Zhang, Z.; Sun, Y. ; Tourky, R.
Jul-1993Some Properties of Uniformly Distributed SequencesSun, Y.N. 
2015Strategic uncertainty and the ex post Nash property in large gamesKhan, Mohammedali; Rath, Kali P; Sun, Yeneng ; Yu, Haomiao
Nov-1998The almost equivalence of pairwise and mutual independence and the duality with exchangeabilitySun, Y. 
15-Apr-1997The capital-asset-pricing model and arbitrage pricing theory: A unificationKhan, M.A.; Sun, Y. 
Nov-1999The complete removal of individual uncertainty: Multiple optimal choices and random exchange economiesSun, Y. 
Apr-2006The Dvoretzky-Wald-Wolfowitz theorem and purification in atomless finite-action gamesKhan, M.A.; Rath, K.P.; Sun, Y. 
Jul-2006The essential equivalence of pairwise and mutual conditional independenceHammond, P.J.; Sun, Y. 
May-2012The exact law of large numbers for independent random matchingDuffie, D.; Sun, Y. 
Jan-2006The exact law of large numbers via Fubini extension and characterization of insurable risksSun, Y. 
1995The nonexistence of symmetric equilibria in anonymous games with compact action spacesRath, K.P.; Yeneng, S. ; Shinji, Y.
Aug-2004Uncorrelatedness and orthogonality for vector-valued processesLoeb, P.A.; Osswald, H.; Sun, Y. ; Zhang, Z. 
1999Weak measurability and characterizations of riskAli Khan, M.; Sun, Y.