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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Chapter 46 Non-cooperative games with many playersKhan, M.A.; Sun, Y. 
2007Core, equilibria and incentives in large asymmetric information economiesSun, Y. ; Yannelis, N.C.
10-Jul-1996Distributional properties of correspondences on Loeb spacesSun, Y. 
2008Ex ante efficiency implies incentive compatibilitySun, Y. ; Yannelis, N.C.
Oct-2003Exact arbitrage and portfolio analysis in large asset marketsAli Khan, M.; Sun, Y. 
1-Jun-2003Exact arbitrage, well-diversified portfolios and asset pricing in large marketsKhan, M.A.; Sun, Y. 
2007Existence of independent random matchingDuffie, D.; Sun, Y. 
Sep-2012Existence, incentive compatibility and efficiency of the rational expectations equilibriumSun, Y. ; Wu, L.; Yannelis, N.C.
1995Extremal structures and symmetric equilibria with countable actionsKhan, M.A.; Sun, Y. 
Jun-1996Hyperfinite law of large numbersSun, Y. 
2009Individual risk and Lebesgue extension without aggregate uncertaintySun, Y. ; Zhang, Y.
Nov-1996Integrals of set-valued functions with a countable rangeKhan, M.A.; Sun, Y. 
1997Integration of correspondences on loeb spacesSun, Y. 
Dec-1995Isomorphisms for Convergence StructuresSun, Y.N. 
Mar-2006Joint measurability and the one-way Fubini property for a continuum of independent random variablesHammond, P.J.; Sun, Y. 
May-2013Large games with a bio-social typologyKhan, M.A.; Rath, K.P.; Sun, Y. ; Yu, H.
Feb-2007Martingale property of empirical processesAlbeverio, S.; Sun, Y. ; Wu, J.-L.
2008Monte Carlo simulation of macroeconomic risk with a continuum of agents: The general caseHammond, P.J.; Sun, Y. 
Mar-2003Monte Carlo simulation of macroeconomic risk with a continuum of agents: The symmetric caseHammond, P.J.; Sun, Y. 
May-1999Non-cooperative games on hyperfinite Loeb spacesKhan, M.A.; Sun, Y.