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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2007Application of two-dimensional band-target entropy minimization to fluorescence data: Implications for the recovery of patterns arising from only bilinear and not trilinear structuresGuo, L.; Garland, M. 
Mar-2003Band centers and track finding for large two-dimensional infrared spectroscopic arraysChen, L. ; Garland, M. 
29-Apr-2002Band-target entropy minimization (BTEM): An advanced method for recovering unknown pure component spectra. Application to the FTIR spectra of unstable organometallic mixturesChew, W.; Widjaja, E.; Garland, M. 
1-Sep-2003Band-target entropy minimization. A robust algorithm for pure component spectral recovery. Application to complex randomized mixtures of six componentsWidjaja, E.; Li, C.; Chew, W.; Garland, M. 
1-Jul-2006Chemical and kinetic study of acetophenone hydrogenation over Pt/Al2O3: Application of BTEM and other multivariate techniques to quantitative on-line FTIR measurementsGao, F.; Allian, A.D.; Zhang, H.; Cheng, S.; Garland, M. 
25-Jan-2004Chiral fixed bed reactor for stereoselective heterogeneous catalysis: Modification, regeneration, and multiple product synthesesZhao, Y.; Gao, F.; Chen, L. ; Garland, M. 
Mar-2003Computationally efficient curve-fitting procedure for large two-dimensional experimental infrared spectroscopic arrays using the Pearson VII modelChen, L. ; Garland, M. 
Jul-2003Determination of enantiomeric excess using the ultraviolet-circular dichroism and the high-performance liquid chromatography-circular dichroism methodsChen, L.; Zhao, Y.; Gao, F.; Garland, M. 
15-Mar-2005Development of 2D band-target entropy minimization and application to the deconvolution of multicomponent 2D nuclear magnetic resonance spectraGuo, L.; Wiesmath, A.; Sprenger, P.; Garland, M. 
2004Development of 2D BTEM for 2D NMR analysis of multicomponent mixtures and reactive mixturesGuo, L.; Wiesmath, A.; Sprenger, P.; Garland, M. 
2004Direct determination of the reaction volume of an organometallic reaction at very high dilutionTjahjono, M.; Allian, A.D.; Chuanzhao, L.; Garland, M. 
Mar-2005Entropy minimization and spectral dissimilarity curve resolution technique applied to nuclear magnetic resonance data setsWidjaja, E.; Garland, M. 
22-May-2008Experimental dipole moments for nonisolatable acetic acid structures in a nonpolar medium. A combined spectroscopic, dielectric, and DFT study for self-association in solutionTjahjono, M.; Allian, A.D.; Garland, M. 
1-Jan-2006Experimental evidence for a significant homometallic catalytic binuclear elimination reaction: Linear-quadratic kinetics in the rhodium catalyzed hydroformylation of cycloocteneLiu, G.; Li, C.; Guo, L.; Garland, M. 
2006Experimental Raman spectra of dilute and laser-light-sensitive [Rh 4(CO)9(-CO)3] and [(4- η2-3-hexyne)Rh4(CO)8(-CO)2]. Comparison with theoretically predicted spectraAllian, A.D.; Widjaja, E.; Garland, M. 
30-Apr-2007Fourier transform Raman spectral measurements of powdered quaternary mixtures of organic compounds. Exceptional pure component spectral reconstruction using band-target entropy minimization (BTEM)Srilakshmi, C.; Widjaja, E.; Anderson, B.G.; Garland, M. 
1-Apr-2003Fourier transform Raman spectral reconstruction of inorganic lead mixtures using a novel band-target entropy minimization (BTEM) methodOng, L.R.; Widjaja, E.; Stanforth, R. ; Garland, M. 
1-Apr-2003Fourier transform Raman spectral reconstruction of inorganic lead mixtures using a novel band-target entropy minimization (BTEM) methodOng, L.R.; Widjaja, E.; Stanforth, R. ; Garland, M. 
26-Apr-2004Homogeneous hydroformylation of ethylene catalyzed by Rh 4(CO) 12. The application of BTEM to identify a new class of rhodium carbonyl spectra: RCORh(CO) 3(π-C 2H 4)Li, C.; Guo, L.; Garland, M. 
25-Oct-2004Identification of rhodium-rhenium nonacarbonyl RhRe(CO) 9. Spectroscopic and thermodynamic aspectsLi, C.; Guo, L.; Garland, M.